"I'd say the only thing worse than using Arm Vibroblades is being a bastard and also using Arm Vibroblades, but sadly, the two go hand-in-hand"

There is not much for me to say here, given I never personally encountered the Clone Assassins. But it seems, from the author’s description, that due to the nature of the vibroblades themselves; it relies heavily on lunges and the actual swing of the arm. They note the blade itself is just a sharp extension of the limb, and as such, care needs to be taken in approach in order to not lose said limbs in the process. This is likely why the assassins themselves have such an emphasis on Teras Kasi, as well as their calculated approach; for one wrong swing would be disastrous.

To keep up movement with this form is the key, recognising that any position can be shifted to another viable for attack. Keeping the blade itself sheathed wherever possible also seems to be needed, allowing for both surprise and ease of acrobatics.