Rank: N/A

Tier: High 0

Background: During the War of the Hallowed Thread, there was a scientific project to turn the tide of the war. The scientist known as Cor'vala began the project in creating a weapon that could both track down and kill swimmers and others assets that fought for the Key. Thus, GLARE was created; a synthetic creature of great strength and power.

Towards the end of the War, Cor'vala had been killed, slain at the hand of his own creation; and GLARE's mind lost to Void Sickness, Cor'vala having been unable to implant a vessel into the creature. Now, its mind lost to madness, GLARE wanders the universe, searching for any hint of home or its old life.

Speed: Middle A

Abilities: Extreme Physical Strength. Low-High Regeneration. Extremely Enhanced Senses. The Mastery in Hunting/Tracking, Programmed Hand-to-Hand, Camouflage, and Deception. Extreme Mastery in Way of the Void and Void Walking. Mastery in Void Sense and Mental Shielding.

Equipment: Scales; Claws; Barbs on tails; Teeth; Head Spike; 2 Independent Hearts; Natural Weaponry (Teeth, Tails, Claws, Head).

Weaknesses: Once GLARE is provoked by a target, they will lock onto them and kill them no matter what. This can be exploited by a group of people, who can attack when GLARE is so focused on one target. Even if GLARE does deal with those attacking them, they can never truly be able to unfocus, so attacking as a group still possesses an advantage. Given they are a creation from a time of war, non-aggressive tactics would prove to be highly effective in dealing with them in a non-combative sense. GLARE draws their power from the Void, and to somehow be severed from that would be disastrous, enough to potentially even kill them.

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