"You think getting punched by a Kaleesh warrior is bad? Imagine getting punched by a Kaleesh warrior who can also dent starships with their strength"

The Kaleesh, in terms of their methodology, are an extremely aggressive race. One of unrelenting fury and power that never stops against the tide of reason. I have seen General Grievous, I am well aware of his methods and outlook. An unrelenting advance of attacks and lightsabers…

The Kaleesh combat reflects this. While perhaps similar to other styles, it is unrelenting. The Kaleesh are able to chain multiple attacks and strikes together before the opponent can get a bearing, harrowing down on their victims in a flurry of endless aggression.

Throwing their opponents would result in a quick chase, bearing down on them or picking them up before a counter attack can be formed, furious and all present. One of the key tenets in the style is “a strike of four, that of the claw, before the first breath of battle has passed”. The Kaleesh do not allow for thought, just fury; the opponent is not given time to breathe or form a counter strategy, the Kaleesh is always by them. Perhaps an appropriate mindset would be to be the enemy’s shadow.

Where the enemy goes, the Kaleesh follows; as their shadow does. As the opponent is falling to the ground, the Kaleesh is already following up, a strike following their body in constant tandem. Perhaps the only flaw to this style is it banks on two things. An initial success of faltering the enemy, which can be continuously followed up upon; and the nature of aggression. The Kaleesh is likely to bask in defeating their opponent, and the killing blow will be savoured. Everything about the style is thrown away at the last second, and a skilled and determined combatant only needs to wait for that moment to occur. Where their guard is dropped, and the shadow is eliminated by the light of determination.