"Getting stabbed by an Echani is like being stabbed by a needle; it stings, it happens quickly, and leaves one questioning their life decisions after it's over..."

The Echani are to many, the fathers of combat. Their innate understanding and dedication to the process is reflected in their styles, and any warrior in the galaxy must respect the Echani for their mere way of life.

And the Echani have always been light on their feet, understanding what makes or breaks combat. The Echani Sabre Combat is thus very similar to a dance, it has a process to it, a method to it. The style itself focuses on thrusts, jabs, and light attacks; prodding and poking at an opponent's defences and guard. Learning and respecting, prodding and talking; as a whole, it is a language.

[When I was younger, I was always obsessed by the Echani. Given my medical height prediction, it resonated with me like nothing else and gave me consolation. These days, I am just glad the prediction was wrong and that I can reach the higher bookshelves - Un'duro]

To utilise the style, speed is obviously recommended. Being able to move around the opponent and poking from different angles is vital, testing the entire circumference of the defence. Not remaining forward is also important, a user of this style must be equally prepared to step back after a jab to follow up with the next one. Thus, not pressing too much weight into the attacks is necessary, in order to keep a neutral positioning that can be followed up by an attack at any point of the opponent.

Eventually, it is likely the opponent will tire from strong strikes (countered by the Echani’s own redirects and deflections, similar to Makashi with more force); or their guard is broken. To best a Echani Sabre Combat user, grappling is remarkably useful; almost disabling the style entirely. A countering style, such as Soresu, would also be the perfect counter. Lastly, a sheer physical advantage would be an excellent counter, the force likely disarming or even breaking the light Echani blade.

Interestingly enough, the author describes a higher level of Jabiim Sabre Combat. If one is able to apply overwhelming physical force without compromising speed, Echani Sabre Combat truly becomes terrifying on the battlefield. With dozens of jabs and thrusts within an extremely short timeframe, damage to the opponent’s very blade can occur, shattering it entirely and leaving them defenceless. Attempting this with less physical strength is likely to disarm an opponent’s blade with many strikes against it, something used by some Echani but taken to extremes by the author.