"Being pinned to the ground isn't a very pleasant experience unless you are with the correct company..."

In complete opposite to Korun Hand-to-Hand, the style of the Jedi is one of restraint and reaction. The author relates it to some type of “aikido”, the act of pinning, throwing, joint-locking, and striking.

The Jedi way is not to take a life unnecessarily, and as such, this style is just as much about protecting the assailant as well as the user. Throwing the energy back at the attacker is key, a symbol of non-aggression and the Jedi Code. Throwing the opponent to the floor to pin them, disabling them from combat so negotiations may take place. Using the movement of the attack against them as one lets them approach, throwing them to the ground or through the air by using their body weight is a good counter to many styles, one which the Temple makes sure to teach its younglings.

[Interestingly enough, once Mace taught the combat instructors this style and it reached planet wide virality, it became an extremely popular style with many female members of the population. Statistics such as assault (of every variety), robberies, and kidnappings went down to a record low. As it turns out, being able to hurl an attacker over your shoulder does wonders at giving one time to run away - Un'duro]

Rather than primarily linear motions, Temple Hand-to-Hand is composed of blending, turning, pivoting, circling, and spiralling. It exemplifies the balance of energy between not only yourself, but also your opponent and the environment around us all. It intends to end fights quickly and harmlessly, pinning the opponent to the ground.

The style also accommodates use of the Force if necessary.