"Everyone should have 'Been Punched by a Dinosaur' on their bucket list as far as I am concerned"

The Trandoshan Hand-to-Hand is modelled after their hunt of the Wookiees, and thus is an almost savage, animalistic fighting style; one that intends on making sure the natives of Kashyyyk do not pose any threat. Thus, it focuses on disabling the opponent and often grappling key areas, typically around the neck and arms given the similar heights of the two species.

The style is somewhat slow, often planting the feet and landing powerful blows, with the intent of causing as much injury as possible, given the style’s intention to go blow-to-blow with the wookiees. Thus, powerful jabs to areas like the stomach can also be seen, all with the intent of gaining enough advantage for a critical strike to be made in post with a weapon. One can also expect the style to involve throws, placing the opponent in a positional disadvantage which the hunter can follow up on.

It should be noted this style is particularly effective against fighting grapples and throws, employing techniques that allow the Trandoshan to quickly escape a lock or grab unlike any other style. This is mainly due to the Wookiee tendency to pick up an enemy and throw them when they enter a close-quarters engagement.