Name: Ember

Rank: N/A

Tier: Low 2

Background: "Ember" was an ace pilot serving with the paramilitary forces aboard the Halcyon during the early stages of the Sith Empire. Though extremely agile and capable with a weapon, his weapon of choice was the multi-missile rocket systems when mounted on smaller vessels.

Ember was possessed by a vessel of Father Tempus, and inherited many of the being's skills, even after escaping the possession post the ring being disposed.

Speed: Low D Combat Speed

Abilities: Mastery with Shotguns, Basic Hand-to-Hand Combat, and Ground Vehicles. High Proficiency in Mechanical Mind, Chemistry, Ship Boarding, and Vehicle Boarding. Skilled in Throwing Knives, Material Instinct, Dagger Combat, all Basic Hand-to-Hand combat styles. Begun Training in Air Walking.

Equipment: Extreme Mastery with the Mark VII SPAA (Single shot, slugthrower shotgun); Modified Sith Commando/Pilot Hybrid Armour; Backpack with; 2 Medkits, 3 Thermite charges, Ammunition.

Weaknesses: Range. Ember cannot perceive an opponent from a distance and cannot remotely fight back against someone at anything but close range; relying entirely on his heavy armour to take the hit. He has severe PTSD to the point of it being crippling, Ember lost himself entirely after what he saw on the Halcyon, then later killing the one person he truly cared for, a reminder of either would set him off. The ring which Ember once possessed, that allowed him to escape the Void Spiders, began to take over him; and when Ember was removed from it, this exacerbated his PTSD. However, he was able to gain several skills of the ring’s original owner, and despite not knowing how to use them; he does in fact possess them. All of these mental factors and instabilities could easily be used against him in combat.