Name: Aurek Ty'Baar

Rank: Vassal of the Coiled King

Tier: Low 2

Background: Aurek Ty'Baar was an Old Republic Mandalorian Knight, and was trained by both Kes Okari and Rika Somed, who he followed into battle on many occasions before they, along with many other Mandalorian Knights, were transported to the Clone Wars era. After being transported, he was soon thrust into a new war between The Republic and Mandalore, ultimately resulting in the defeat of Mandalore and his capture by the Republic, resulting in him encountering the Eternal Empire forces disguised as the Yuuzhan Vong on a mission with Revan and some of the HK Squad as-well as most of The Mandalorian Knights.

After returning from the mission he came back to Mandalore being part of the Republic as-well as the Mandalorian Knights being Jedi. Aurek became open to trusting some Jedi though he still regarded the Council with suspicion, only becoming more after finding out they had worked with Deathwatch despite them being lead by a Sith Lord. Though Mandalore didn't remain in The Republic for long.

Soon after Mandalore broke from The Republic many of The Mandalorian Knights were killed in an attack on their temple. This, along with the destruction of Sundari, were the main forces that motivated Aurek to join the Vassals and attempt to undo their deaths and reunite with those he left behind in The Old Republic. Later on he joined Clan Darrin, which would soon decide to combine with another clan to form Clan Cabur with the goal of helping Mandalore and it's people. As of now Aurek remains true to his calling as a warrior and Mandalorian while he does missions for his clan and The Vassals, working towards achieving the end goal of resetting the universe

Speed: High D

Abilities: Mastery in Form V. Highly Proficient in Ground Vehicles, Projectors, and Jetpacks. Proficient in Forms II, III, and IV. Skilled in Mental Shielding and Jar’Kai.

Notable Force Abilities: Mastery in Ionise. Highly Proficient in Force Stasis, Force Body, Enhance Attribute, Saber Throw, Proficient in Standard Knight Light Side abilities. Skilled in Tutaminis. Begun training in Force Listening and Pyrokinesis.

  • Balance = 66. Midichlorian Count = 12,369.

Equipment: Aurek’s Second Lightsaber; Beskar Sword; Advanced Vambrace

Weaknesses: More lightsaber focused, so harassing with Force Abilities will work on him to great effect. Does not have that much Jedi training nor a Jedi’s self-control, so he will be highly susceptible to Dun Moch. As a Form V user, using fast strikes and creative ways to overwhelm his slow strikes will be highly useful, so be sure to use Ataru or Niman. In terms of putting him down with a blaster, Form V can block wide shots with ease, so be sure to aim wide deliberately so as to tire him out easily.