Name: Kraken “Atiinir” Saxon

Rank: Cuy'Val Dar

Tier: Middle 2

Background: Kraken Saxon is the heir to the Saxon Mandalorian Clan. Having lived a tumultuous life, with his mother dying when he was young, and later being inducted into Deathwatch; the group's ideologies sunk in at a young age. 

Kraken fought for Mandalore and defended it against the GAR siege during the First Battle of Mandalore, and helped Deathwatch during their battles; though he was kept in the dark about the terrorist like activities. Kraken likely refused to accept it, having been raised on the beliefs of being a honourable warrior, the bombings and assassinations going against his beliefs. 

The Saxon heir eventually came to terms with what he was complacent with and began to seek some kind of repentance for his actions, becoming a Journeyman Protector to help protect the people he once helped hurt. Kraken later became a handler for a Bounty Hunting Group led by Cain Ordo. The Mandalorian was eventually was kidnapped by The Singer, and her father, The Trickster. Kraken was imprisoned on Dagobah, accidentally kept in a stupor. 

Speed: Low C Combat Speed

Abilities: Extreme Mastery in Blaster Carbines. Mastery in Mandalorian Sabre Combat , Jetpacks, and Camouflage. Highly Proficient in Weapon Instinct, Mandalorian Hand-To Hand Combat, All Weapon Types, Throwables, Tracking/Hunting, and Projectors. Proficient in Shield Combat, Espionage, Crafting, Survival Skills, Mental Shielding, Ground Vehicles, and Environmental Conditioning. Skilled in Treatment & Aid, Camouflage, and Traps. 

Equipment: Advanced Beskar Armour; Custom Vambrace; Custom Dual Slugthrowers; Beskar Daggers; Handcuffs; 2 Thermal Detonators; 2 Smoke Grenades; 1 EMP Grenade; GAALAR 15

Weaknesses: As with other wearers of the Beskar armour, Kraken has a vulnerability to electrical-based attacks, and one should attempt to use these where possible. Kraken is extremely willing to sacrifice himself for those he cares about, and thus a scenario can be manipulated in order to get him to give up his life. Kraken follows a code of honour, and would not violate unless under extreme circumstances, and thus one can manipulate him in combat using his code; making him less effective in an attempt to follow it. His past is an extremely sore subject for him, and exploiting this in combat could cause Kraken to become less effective.