Name: Simia Testa

Rank: Prince

Tier: Low 2

Background: Born to the Royal family of the Hóu empire, Simia's life began in turbulence. His biological father, Kopes, opted to give his main enemy, the king of a neighbouring empire, Avon Renaudin, a sign of peace. This gift was Simia himself. This shakey treaty would be known colloquially by the people as "The Prince exchange". Many stipulations were placed on his existence very early on. For example, he had to learn the history and arts of both empires, with a special emphasis on combat from the Hóu side, going as far as to assign a royal guard, Geldon Starfollower, to train the child when he was idle.

As he grew, Avon took a liking to the child's mischievous and tricksy behaviour, adopting him as his own. Despite being one of very few Hóu in a different country, Simia felt quite at home within Avon's empire and was welcomed by most, if not all. When he became old enough to understand his own situation, Simia chose the name 'Testa' meaning 'shelled' to honour the cheludo people who had raised and loved him, while distancing himself from Kopes.

The boy came into contact with the alien Tarre Vizsla after following Avon's spy, Zet, to a crater in the ground. While helping Tarre to get acquainted to the strange world and gaining his friendship and loyalty, Simia, Zet and the Mandalorian ventured out to recover Tarre's stolen ship. The thieves behind the ships vanishing antagonised the cheludo and Hóu empires, turning them on each other in the process. Simia hopes that by recovering the ship and bringing the thieves down, he'll be able to halt the war and uphold peace.

Speed: Middle D Combat Speed

Abilities: Superhuman Strength and Durability. Mastery of Animal Handling, Cheludo Hand-to-Hand Combat, Deception, Staffs, and Cheludo Greatsword Combat. Highly Proficient in Cheludo Sledgehammer Combat, Hóu Hand-to-Hand Combat, Traps, and Cheludo Battleaxe Combat. Proficient in Shield Combat and Hóu Sword Combat.

Equipment: Hòu staff; small, adjustable Cheludo Battleaxe

Weaknesses: Simia is what people in some circles might call “immature”. Being an entitled royal teenager, it is of no surprise the boy does not take anything seriously. As such, a level-headed normal combatant could kill him quite quickly if played right. Furthermore, this means Simia does not know when to retreat in the face of a stronger opponent, and does not understand the idea of actually dying in combat; all of it being somewhat a game to him. He becomes irrational when those he loves are hurt, and this once again can be exploited by a smart combatant. Like most of his people, he has little range capabilities, and a long-range combatant is likely to have a field day sniping him in the head with a laugh. Simia also lacks the ability to swim, so simply pushing him into the water will instantly kill him.