Name: Bossk

Rank: Bounty Hunter

Tier: High 2

Background: Bossk'wassak'Cradossk, known more commonly as Bossk, was a male Trandoshan bounty hunter and the son of Cradossk who was known for hunting Wookiees.

During the Clone Wars, Bossk worked alongside fellow hunters Aurra Sing and Castas to mentor the orphaned Boba Fett. After a stint in prison, Bossk worked in Krayt's Claw, Fett's syndicate of bounty hunters; who later ended up working for the Mandalorian Caesar.

Speed: Middle C Combat Speed

Abilities: Superhuman Strength and Durability. Mastery of Trandoshan Hand-to-Hand combat, Explosives, Dagger Combat, Blaster Rifles, Throwables, Chemistry, Traps, Rocket Launchers, and Ground Vehicles. Highly Proficient in Blaster Pistols and Shotguns. Proficient in Sniper Rifles. Skilled with Improvised Sabre Combat.

Equipment: The Mastery with the Relby-v10; 4 Dioxis Grenades; Proficient with Flamethrower; 2 Thermal Detonators; 3 Proximity Mines; X-45 blaster rifle; 1 Small Steel Sabre.

Weaknesses: Bossk is an extremely honourable and fair combatant, and will not breach this at all given his devotion to ‘The Scorekeeper’. As such, one can place him in a scenario through manipulation where he is forced to hold back due to feeling as if he is not fighting fair, where one can swiftly go for the kill. Bossk is protective over the young Boba Fett, sometimes causing conflict between the two; but for the most part, threats to Boba will make Bossk exploitable. Bossk is large and can sometimes move slowly, and thus one can exploit this via quick agile movements, especially using the environment against the sometimes oblivious Trandoshan. Bossk cares an extreme amount for Young Boba, and this weakness can be exploited.

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