"You'd think there was more to some styles of fighting than 'Strong punch, I win', but I've seen enough dead men to know that is not as untrue as one would think..."

Prakith Hand-to-Hand emphasises strength over anything else, the punches and kicks being trained in such a way to cause as much force as possible. While less elegant, one finds it easier to rip open an opponent’s guard using Prakith combat, the arms of the enemy simply unable to tackle such force. Of course, this is a greater energy expenditure and more of a risk to commit to the punch; it is high risk, high reward. Being hit by a punch from a practitioner is likely to cause one to be pushed to the backfoot, something that can be followed up quite easily.

There is no other hand-to-hand style that emphasises raw, untempered strength as much as this one.

[Which makes it so very appealing to those of simple mind and easy strength I say - Un'duro]