Name: Deva Lompop

Rank: Bounty Hunter

Tier: Low 1

Background: Deva Lompop was a Shani female bounty hunter, marauder, and mercenary who operated from the time of the High Republic into the Imperial Era. Lompop carried a variety of weapons, including knives and blasters, and wore plated armour. In 230 BBY, during the High Republic Era, Lompop was a member of the marauders known as the Nihil and served under Tempest Runner Kara Xoo. While with the Nihil, she helped the Nautolan girl Vroma stop bullies from taking the durga berry and then launched an attack on Hon-Tallos.

Since the end of the High-Republic, she continues to act as an expert bounty hunter. Being one of Jabba Desilijic Tiure's favourite bounty hunter, she is also a favourite of the Black Sun and Crimson Dawn, and has herself hired and discovered hunters throughout her life.

Speed: Middle B Combat Speed

Abilities: Mid-Low Regeneration. The Mastery in Hidden Blade Combat, Hunting/Tracking, and Deception. Extreme Mastery in Survival Skills, Manipulation, Mental Shielding, Dagger Combat, Knife Combat, Street Hand-to-Hand Combat, and Throwing Knives. Mastery in Explosives, Espionage, Chemistry, Whips, Blaster Pistols, Throwables, Projectors, and Slicing. Highly Proficient in Ground Vehicles, Crafting, and Mechanical Mind.

Equipment: The Mastery with Deva’s Blaster Pistols; Deva Lompop’s Armoured Clothing; 6 Throwing Knives; 2 Daggers; Deva’s Custom Gauntlet; 2 Razorblade Wires; Metal Whip; Implant Dagger; 4 Flesh-Melting Gas Grenades; 2 Thermal Detonators; Poisoning Kit

Weaknesses: Deva’s armour does not cover critical components such as her head, and as such, aiming for areas such as these would be most effective in putting her down. Deva has extremely poor skills at long-range, being an extremely deadly close-quarters combatant. As such, it is recommended to engage her at long range. Deva enjoys eating endangered species, and thus she is easily manipulated over such an activity and could be lured into a trap through this. Finally, Deva is held under a debt by Jabba, and would do anything to repay it. The prospect of erasing said debt is something one could manipulate her over.