Name: Wellend Feid

Rank: Avatar of the Watcher

Tier: High 0

Background: The Watcher, or Wellend Feid as its avatar calls himself, is a member of the Caretaker species and the designated Caretaker of both the Universes of Prophecy and Fracture. Its main purpose is to protect the universe(s) from harm enacted by Void creatures and to prevent unapproved travel between multiple universes. The Watcher formerly served under an entity called the Hivemind, informally known as Alvus, before its death and unknowingly serves the will of the Key.

The Watcher came to be when the Caretakers of the Universes of Prophecy and Fracture began to notice strange Void-related occurrences within their respective universes. Both Caretakers, desiring the strength needed to protect both universes simultaneously, enacted a process that fused them together into one entity that contained the memories of both Caretakers. This new "fused Caretaker" created a quarantine around both universes that prevented anyone outside said quarantine from entering. The new Caretaker, however, developed a consciousness and, in its newfound power and arrogance, created an avatar to investigate and explore the two universes. They were called Wellend Feid, while their true form continued to enforce the quarantine around the two universes.

During his time inside the Quarantine, Feid came to the realization that, without the Hivemind to guide him, he had little to no idea of what to do now that he had basically completed the purpose of his creation. Choosing to follow the directive of protecting his assigned universes from Void-related harm, Feid attempted to sense for any Void being that escaped his watch and could be hiding out in one of the two universes. He then sensed the presence of a Swimmer in the relative area and set off to find it. To this day, he has not succeeded, though he enjoys taking occasional breaks from his search and exploring the universes for fun. He has, however, located another Void entity in the Universe of Prophecy, one that could help him on his search for the Swimmer...

Speed: N/A via Light Manipulation | High A+

Abilities: The Master of Light Manipulation, Light Physiology, Light Objects, Custom Sword Style. Possesses superhuman physical properties, Enhanced Senses, High Regeneration (in Light Form), Pseudo-Flight, Resistance to Light Manipulation. Types 1 and 4 Immortality. The Mastery of Elemental Intangibility (Light), Mental Shielding, and Void Sense.

Equipment: N/A

Weaknesses: Wellend is unable to harm non-Void beings, unless the circumstances are truly dire. When turning into light, his travel can be intercepted by Void or Force-imbued attacks, such as Way of the Void or Force Weapon. Cannot move at the speed of light outside of using Light Manipulation or Physiology. Creating a great deal of light objects is taxing on his energy, to the point where too much could disintegrate his avatar form. A force barrier of extreme power, or a void one of extreme power, could cut him off from the main body, rendering his powers as useless, as he would be unable to use them.