Name: Gonky

Rank: Member of the Bad Batch

Tier: Low 2

Background: Gonky was a highly advanced GNK Droid made by the Eternal Empire and placed on Zakuul. On one of their adventures for Axis, Clone Force 99 stumbled upon the GNK droid while marauding a camp. The defective Clones took an immediate liking to the droid which Gonky returned. Clone Force 99 took Gonky as one of their own and he's been a valued member of their crew since, having saved the Clones' lives countless times.

Speed: Low C Combat Speed | Low J

Abilities: The Mastery in Energy Shields. Extreme Mastery in Blaster Pistols. Mastery in Slicing, Explosives, Cloaking Devices, and Mechanical Mind. Highly Proficient in Programmed Hand-to-Hand Combat, Crafting, Blaster Cannons, and Deception.

Equipment: Robotic Arms with built-in weaponry, slicing tech, and grapple; Extreme Powerful Energy Shield, capable of withstanding dozens of lightsaber attacks and hundreds of blaster bolts, as well as being immune to all forms of shutdown; Extensive Power Generator; Built-in Commlink; Z6 Rotary Cannon; DC-17 Pistol.

Weaknesses: Gonky is extremely slow in terms of movement, and this should be utilised to the maximum degree, with Gonky being unable to evade AOE attacks. Once his shield is disabled, he should be vulnerable for a short period of time. During this period, attacking him in his centre body should be adequate. Removing or disabling Gonky’s arms is key, as without them, he is a regular Gonk Droid. Gonky is highly aggressive, and this can be exploited by a mindful combatant. Lastly, Gonky is fiercely protective of the Bad Batch, an emotional weakness for the droid that should be utilised if possible in a combat scenario.