Name: Marchion Ro

Rank: Lieutenant of the Harbinger

Tier: Middle 0

Background: Marchion Ro was a male Evereni who held the title of Eye of the Nihil in the days of the High Republic. The son of the previous Eye Asgar Ro, he grew up on the Gaze Electric, his family's ship, and watched as his grandmother, Shalla, and his father developed the marauder group known as the Nihil in the Outer Rim of the galaxy. The Ros grew the Nihil into a significant disruptive force, using a unique mastery of hyperspace to conduct lightning raids, and becoming rich and influential in the process. While he was still a teenager, Ro's father was betrayed and murdered by one of the Nihil's leaders, and Ro succeeded him as the Eye of the Nihil.

In 232 BBY, as the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic prepared to unveil their principal base in the Outer Rim, Ro dispatched a Stormship to intercept a cargo freighter known as the Legacy Run, deliberately causing them to crash into each other. The crash resulted in a hyperspace cataclysm known as the Great Disaster, as the Legacy Run tore itself apart and emerged at lightspeed to strike various astronomical objects in realspace. Profiting from the subsequent blockade of the Outer Rim's hyperlanes, the Nihil struck at several worlds, revealing their existence to the Republic. Ro solified his hold on the Nihil and concealed their true strength from the Jedi by sending one of its leaders, Kassav Milliko, and his Tempest fleet into a Republic trap in the Kur Nebula. Hidden once again from their gaze, Ro could continue his preparations for his planned confrontation.

Working in the shadows, Ro secretly collected an ancient relic from the Elders of the Path cult on Vrant Tarnum, which would allow him to control a creature from his family's past; a creature he collected from a shrine guarded by Ro relatives on the planet Rystan. The Nihil subsequently attacked the Republic Fair on Valo, striking at the heart of the Republic's expansion efforts in the Outer Rim, and leaving thousands dead. In retaliation, the Jedi attacked a Nihil base on Grizal, briefly liberating the Jedi Master Loden Greatstorm who had been held prisoner by the Nihil for nearly a year. Ro unleashed his secret creature, the Great Leveler, on the Jedi, overwhelming them and turning Greatstorm into dust. The attack on Valo and the engagement on Grizal showed the Nihil's continued strength and their possession of a weapon powerful enough to destroy the Jedi.

Using the Republic assumption that Lourna Dee was the true leader of the Nihili, Ro planned to strike at the Jedi directly, collecting several more creatures from their hidden homeworld and smuggling them onto Starlight Beacon as it orbited over the planet Eiram. Nihil operatives sabotaged the station while the Jedi were distracted by the Force-paralysing effects of Ro's Nameless creatures, and the whole galaxy watched as Starlight Beacon tore itself apart before crashing onto Eiram's surface. Dozens of Jedi died onboard Starlight Beacon and, in the aftermath, Ro revealed himself to the galaxy with a public broadcast, taking credit for his acts of destruction and challenging the Republic to stay away from the Outer Rim. In response, Supreme Chancellor Lina Soh sent a Republic Defense Coalition fleet into the Outer Rim to defend it against the Nihil and to capture Marchion Ro. However, Ro sealed off ten sectors of the Outer Rim from the Republic's intervention, using the stormseed technology developed by scientists loyal to the Nihil and destroying the fleet as it attempted to enter his territory.

By unknown means and reasons, Ro ended up in the Void, and became the lieutenant of The Harbinger; one of the Amalgamations of the Void. He serves as his primary tactician in his goal of annihilating everything, and has been granting many a boon by the deity for his services.

Speed: Middle A

Abilities: The Master of Fire Manipulation, Custom Hand-to-Hand Combat Style, and Pyrokinesis. The Mastery of Mental Shielding, Elemental Intangibility (Fire) and Precognition. Extreme Mastery of Martial Weapons, Chemistry, Throwables, Sniper Rifles, Custom Sabre-style, and Blaster Rifles. Mastery of Void Sense, Pattern Recognition, Deception, Manipulation, Explosives, and Traps. Pseudo-Flight via Propulsion. Possesses superhuman physical properties, enhanced senses, and resistance to fire-based attacks.

Equipment: Marchion Ro’s helmet; Marchion Ro’s staff; Marchion Ro’s Blaster; Marchion Ro’s Armour; Custom Mechanical Gloves, with Acceleration Compensators and Armoured Plating; 10 Vibro-stars; Loden Greatstorm's lightsaber.

Weaknesses: When turning into fire, Marchion Ro can be struck by Void or Force-coated attacks, such as Force Weapon. However, similar to Wellend Feid, pure Force-based attacks such as Force Energy will be ineffective. Ro is extremely loyal to The Harbinger, to the point one could trick him into performing an action if the man thought it was in the Amalgamation's best interests. Ro also likes to keep his personal information a secret, and revealing it if known will likely unbalance him. And though he is loyal to the The Harbinger's cause, a deep part of him wishes to return to his time and set about his plan with the Paths. And if known, one could exploit this greatly.

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