Name: Rey Solana

Rank: The Last Jedi

Tier: Middle 0


Speed: High A

Abilities: The Master of Staffs. The Mastery in Saberstaffs, Street Hand-to-Hand Combat, The Sun Form, Mental Shielding, and Ground Vehicles. Extreme Mastery in Weapon Instinct, Blaster Pistols, The Night Form, Combat Assimilation, Slicing, Survival Skills, and Mechanical Mind. Mastery in Espionage, Vehicle Boarding, Ship Boarding, Deception, Traps, Throwables, Environmental Conditioning, Hunting/Tracking, and Crafting.

Notable Force Abilities: The Mastery in Psychometry, Force Speed, Telekinesis and all offshoots, Mind Trick, and Force Healing. Extreme Mastery in Farsight, Telepathy, and Battle Precognition. Mastery in Force Valour, Animal Bond, and Saber Throw.

  • Balance = 0. Midichlorian Count = 24,756.

Equipment: Rey’s Jedi Outfit; Rey’s Saberstaff; NN-14 Blaster Pistol; Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber.

Weaknesses: While Rey’s custom styles function well for both offence and defence respectively, Rey has little experience dealing with the actual forms of lightsaber combat, bar Juyo and Niman. As such, the other five forms would function extremely well against her, to the point that those of less skill in their own forms can put up a good fight against her. Rey cares deeply about her friends, and will go above and beyond to rescue them, something which can be exploited by a mindful combatant. Finally, Rey feels the need to live up to Luke Skywalker and honour his memory, something she can be easily manipulated over.

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