Name: Kyle Katarn

Rank: Battlemaster of the New Jedi Order

Tier: Middle 1

Background: Kyle Katarn was a famous Force-sensitive Human male Rebel operative from Sulon and later a Jedi of the New Jedi Order. He was a former Imperial officer who defected to the Rebellion. Often paired with fellow Rebel agent and smuggler Jan Ors, he performed many covert missions for the Rebel Alliance and later the New Republic, including the sabotage of the Dark Trooper Project.

Kyle was key in the success of the Invasion of Coruscant, and joined with Axis in his mission to investigate Darth Sidious' disappearance. Katarn would leave the war effort after Axis' disappearance during the Battle of Wayland, unwilling to stay with the New Republic given the damage to the information network.

Katarn was later informed of his Force-sensitivity, and taught himself to become a Jedi while in search of the Valley of the Jedi. During this journey, he confronted the dark side within both himself and in the form of the Dark Jedi Jerec and his minions. After defeating them, Katarn went on to become a Jedi Master, teaching at the Jedi Praxeum. He was later promoted to Battlemaster of the New Jedi Order.

Speed: Low B Combat Speed | Middle C

Abilities: Superhuman Strength and Durability. Mastery in Form V, Imperial Academy Hand-to-Hand Combat, all weapon types, Ground Vehicles, Explosives, Throwables, Camouflage, Espionage, Energy Shields, Mental Shielding, Combat Assimilation, Slicing, Environmental Conditioning, Chemistry, Jetpacks, and Vehicle Boarding. Highly Proficient in Teras Kasi, and all other 6 Forms of Lightsaber Combat.

Notable Force Abilities: Highly Proficient in Standard Jedi Master Abilities, Force Grip, Force Barrier, and Tutaminis. Proficient with Force Lightning and Basic Dark Side Abilities.

  • Balance = 43. Midichlorian Count = 12,495.

Equipment: The Master with his Bryar pistol; The Mastery with Personal Energy Shield; 4 Thermal Detonators; 4 Sequencer Charges; 2 Laser Trip Mines; Mandalorian Beskar Armour (without helmet or jetpack); Mastery with Packered Mortar Gun, Rail Detonator Gun, Concussion Rifle, Heavy Repeater, E-11 Blaster Rifle, DXR-6 Disruptor Rifle, FC-1 Flechette Launcher, PLX-2M Portable Missile Launcher, and Destructive Electromagnetic Pulse 2 ion carbine; Kyle Katarn’s Lightsaber

Weaknesses: Katarn has a strong hatred for the Empire, and any skilled manipulator can cause him to become reckless in combat by bringing up his father, or threatening the few people he holds dear, like Jan Ors. Kyle is much stronger in Lightsaber Combat than he is the Force, and a strong Force practitioner can keep their distance and find it easier to beat him than if they got up close.