Name: Seloth

Rank: N/A

Tier: High 1

Background: Seloth is a Swimmer scholar and swordsman. At some point in his early life, he created the sword Va'zdorn. He spent the majority of his life traveling the cosmos, researching phenomena, and collecting knowledge. Much later, he found himself drawn into the Universe of Prophecy, staying there due to the quarantine around the universe as well as his own interest in the anomalies present.

Speed: Low B

Abilities: Type 1 Immortality. Extreme Physical Durability and Strength. The Master in Tempest Style and Tempest Hand-to-Hand. The Mastery of Mental Shielding and Chemistry. Extreme Mastery in Void Walking and Martial Weapons. Mastery in Espionage, Void Sense, Void Sage, Animal Handling, Deception, Manipulation, Traps, Slicing, and Shield Combat. Highly Proficient with Saberstaffs, all 7 Lightsaber Forms, Echani Sabre Combat, Energy Sword Combat, Prakith Sword Combat, Mandalorian Sabre Combat, and Chiss Sabre Combat. Proficient in Low-Level Reality Warping, involving: Gravity Manipulation, Weather Manipulation, and Object Animation; Crafting, all Basic and Esoteric Hand-to-Hand Styles, and Mechanical Mind.

Equipment: Va'zdorn; Seloth’s Robes; Wristpad; Seloth’s Hat.

Weaknesses: Seloth prefers to avoid combat in most cases, and will take any opportunity to disengage from it or avoid it, which makes him somewhat predictable; as well as less motivated in a fight, something to be exploited by an upfront or aggressive combatant. Given Va’zdorn is his Vessel, losing connection to it would render him unable to use any Void abilities without subjecting himself to Void Sickness. The longer he stays in combat, the more of the darkness he poured into Va’zdorn takes control, as such, Seloth tries to end fights quickly if he enters them. This can be exploited by a crafty combatant.