Name: Miso "Valkyrie"

Rank: N/A

Tier: High 3

Background: Miso was given the nickname, "Valkyrie" after years of nearly finishing her training since birth. Miso was dropped off to Mandalore, to complete a task which she had been given by her peers, However from the trauma that she had suffered and the tragedies that followed, Miso came to a conclusion of leaving the Academy and everyone else behind after the beheading of her closest friend.

Miso had taken a trip off to Coruscant with her children, years after the incident. Seeing Coruscant as mostly a 'safer' place to live in, she decided to settle her kids down there and take jobs part time with assisting the Republic and so on. Miso was following a lead on an escapee in Coruscant which lead to her meeting a Jedi known as "Arye Prays". Miso grew curious about the Jedi and his friends, and eventually agreed on coming along with them and the rest of the Key Team to take down Abeloth.

Speed: Low C Combat Speed

Abilities: Mastery with Pistols and Dagger Combat. Highly Proficient in Hunting/Tracking, Mental Shielding, Throwing Knives, Deception, Manipulation, Espionage, Mechanical Mind, Crafting, Custom Sabre Form, Sniper Rifles, and Slugthrowers. Proficient in Slicing, Throwables, and Wrist Shields.

Equipment: Light Combat Armour; 2 Pistols/Blaster Pistols; Hunting Dagger; 2 Katanas; Sniper Rifle; Vambrace with: Slugthrower, Grappling Line, Wrist Shield, and a Personal Holo Device; Slugthrower Carbine Rifle; Custom Hat; Falcon’s Lighter; Custom Slug Mags, including: Tracker Slugs, Explosive Rounds, Armour Piercing Rounds; 4 Throwing Knives

Weaknesses: Miso is essentially alone in the entire galaxy, Valkyrie is very much a lone wolf. Furthermore, due to the manner she was taught, she does not work well with others in any respect. While she will not necessarily be harsh, she will simply be far less effective; likely growing frustrated at her own methods being interrupted by others. This frustration can be exploited quite well by a smart combatant. Exposing her to reminders of her past could trigger some form of PTSD, which if brought forward in combat, could be used to render her an easy target.