Name: B1 Battle Droid

Rank: Battle Droid

Tier: Low 4

Background: B1-Series battle droids, also referred to as B1 battle droids or standard battle droids, were battle droids that made up the backbone of the Trade Federation Droid Army and the Separatist Droid Army. Often called "Clankers" by Galactic Republic clone troopers, they were the basis for the more advanced OOM-series battle droid.

B1s were perhaps the most numerous—and expendable—soldiers in galactic history, and unlike most organic soldiers, they were capable of action in hostile environments such as underwater or in space. They were designed, for the most part, to defeat their enemies through sheer numbers, not through their ability to think (they were very vulnerable to tricks) and utilize combat skills (unlike clone troopers).

The B1 battle droid was frequently used as a soldier for the Trade Federation. As a result, B1s were present in nearly every battle involving the Trade Federation.

Early battles involving the droids required a central computer for the droids to "think" from, but this was mostly removed post–Battle of Naboo after an attack destroyed the mainframe stationed there, resulting in all the droids on the planet being deactivated.

Speed: Middle H Combat Speed

Abilities: Proficient in Throwables and Ground Vehicles.

Perk: Dying

  • After 100 B1s are lost, one B1 can be kept in the inventory for every two that are lost.

Equipment: Proficient in E-5 blaster rifles; Skilled in SE-14 blaster pistols; 4 Thermal Detonators

Weaknesses: Battle droids are inept without preparation, depending more on numbers than anything. They cannot function independently, and often will become completely useless with unclear orders. They will shut down when their battery packs run out of charge, and will also instantly fall to an EMP-based attack. B1 droids are not very durable, but could only be disabled decisively with a headshot. Aiming for the hips, torsos, and arm joints of the B1s are a quick way to destroy them, but their neck joints are particularly weak. Strong enough combatants such as those on the level of an ARC Trooper can potentially kill a B1 merely by twisting the neck or even ripping the head clean off.

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