Name: HK-47

Rank: Assassin Droid

Tier: Low 1

Background: HK-47 was a Hunter-Killer series assassin droid and Jedi hunter constructed by the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Revan, shortly after the end of the Mandalorian Wars in 3960 BBY. As per protocol with Sith assassin droids prior to going on missions, HK-47's memory core was wiped of all knowledge of his original master. His memory could only be restored upon fulfilling his mission, and successfully returning to his master. As he never managed to return to his master, the automatic recall function was never activated, and he couldn't remember Revan. Eventually, he ended up on the planet Tatooine, where he was sold to and unwittingly reunited with Revan, whose memory had been erased following his capture. The droid went on to aid Revan after his return to the Jedi Order in his campaign to find and destroy the Star Forge. HK-47 was also instrumental in the defeat of Revan's former Sith apprentice, Malak.

HK-47 accompanied Revan to the edge of the Unknown Regions before being left behind in Revan's starship, the Ebon Hawk, as the redeemed Jedi Knight journeyed on to face a greater threat. Sometime later, HK-47 was damaged and was left aboard the Ebon Hawk, which eventually ended up in the hands of Meetra Surik, also known as the Jedi Exile. Surik repaired HK-47, who recognized her as his new master and accompanied her in order to find the source of the new HK-50s, whose very existence he considered an insult to himself. HK-47 also aided Surik in her search for the Jedi Masters who survived the First Jedi Purge.

HK-47 eventually succeeded in finding the HK Manufacturing Plant, where the HK-50s were created. There, he convinced the HK-50s to join his and Surik's cause. This action eventually culminated in a final confrontation on Malachor V between HK-47, assisted by the HK-50s, and G0-T0, whose interests conflicted with that of Surik, and the latter droid was destroyed. HK-47 then set out on his own to attempt to find Revan, his original master, not knowing that Revan had since been captured by the Sith Empire and was being held in stasis. Three hundred years later, HK-47 was found by a returned Revan and aided him in commanding the Rakatan Foundry, and though he was destroyed, the rogue intelligence operative known as the Shroud copied the droid and saw to it that several versions of HK-47 were active over the following years with different masters.

Nearly four millennia later, a version of HK-47, rebuilt from his original head, who had been roaming the Unknown Regions since his reactivation, would return to the galaxy at large after hearing news of Revan's return, reuniting with his master on Sullust. He would once more serve Revan, working with HK-55 and a few other newly built HK droids in a squad. Together, the droids would take and reactivate the ancient Foundry, building a secret army for Revan's purposes. He visited some of the HK droids who were stationed with the 415th Battalion, accompanying them for a small portion of the Battalion's exploration of the Sith Worlds. Eventually, through the interference of Marka Ragnos and an unknown force (later discovered to be Vitiate), the Foundry was destroyed, and 47 accompanied Revan to search for the source, his body by Vitiate while his master was captured. After Revan's return, 47 was rebuilt once more from his surviving head, although he and the surviving HK droids had no direction given Revan's retreat from the galaxy once more, except for occasional work for Grand Admiral Thrawn.

A few months later, HK-47 was approached by Boba Fett, a bounty hunter from another universe, and given several tasks. Alongside his squad, he completed several missions to retrieve technology for the man named Axis, eventually meeting up with other allies on the Chiss planet of Copero. During their stay there, 47 aided in the Chiss Civil War, defending the base and helping Thrawn on a mission to the shipyards of Syca. He would then join one of the groups hunting the bodies of the Force entity known as Abeloth, although he was unable to offer much aid to the group given the entity's ability to influence technology. Following the elimination of their final target, HK-47 and most of the remaining HK droids would regroup, opening a mercenary company under the name Crusader Industries, and making a contract to work for the Chiss Ascendancy...

Speed: Low B Combat Speed

Abilities: Beyond Human Strength and Durability. The Master in Sniper Rifles and Slicing. The Mastery in Espionage. Extreme Mastery in Deception, all other weapon types, Explosives, Throwables, Hunting/Tracking, Ground Vehicles, Dun Moch, Projectors, Traps, and Camouflage. Mastery in Energy Shields, Chemistry, Crafting, and Mechanical Mind. Highly Proficient in Standard Forms of Hand-to-Hand Combat and Stealth Generators. Proficient in Manipulation.

Equipment: The Master in the Droid Assassin Rifle; Flamethrower; Carbonite Projector; Thermal Detonators; Sonic Screamers; Cluster Rockets; Integrated Energy Shields; Auto-Repair Systems; Plasma Charges; Poison Gas; Mines; and Detonator Packs.

Weaknesses: HK-47 has a habit of preferring stealth over forward attacks, though he has been cited to enjoy the latter as well. As such, they can be baited into a combat scenario where they stick to the shadows, only for a trap to be sprung against it. Using an EMP would also prove to be effective, although it is likely the droid will see this coming. They will carry out their assassination orders no matter what, and as such, one can bait them into a trap or to the other end of the galaxy, effectively removing them as a threat. HK-47 can be defeated as they were on the Foundry, with overwhelming numbers that they cannot keep up with.