Name: Kkkt the Mustafarian

Rank: Former Dark Acolyte

Tier: Middle 2

Background: Kkkt is a Mustafarian Acolyte seeking redemption for his crimes and the mistakes he has made, having killed in the name of Mustafar and defending it from invaders. He searches for those he has lost and tries to improve every place he comes across, try and help those in need.

When the CIS came looking for people to defend it, Kkkt volunteered himself to defend Mustafar and keep his people safe. He joined the ranks of Dooku's Acolytes, training with the likes of Darth GNK in order to keep his home safe.

Then the GAR captured Mustafar, resulting in Kkkt uniting the clans of Mustafar to bring them together to throw off the invaders. He then went on a life changing journey along the Timber Hearth with Maul, Belkrin and a few others who helped shape him to be what he is now. He spends his days now meditating and seeking the peace he needs, though due to the words of Arye Prays he is taking a more active role once more, re-entering the galactic stage.

Speed: High C

Abilities: Mastery in Environmental Conditioning and Improvised Hand-to-Hand Combat. Highly Proficient in Kinetic Rifles, Knife Combat, Dagger Combat, Throwing Knives, Throwables, Staffs, and Mental Shielding. Proficient in Manipulation, Shii-Cho, Animal Handling, and Niman. Skilled in Unrefined Tràkata and Deception.

Notable Force Abilities: Mastery in Pyrokinesis, Force Sight, and Lava Manipulation. Highly Proficient in Force Destruction. Proficient in Force Fear, Force Blinding, and Comprehend Speech.

  • Balance = Pragmatic Fallen. Midichlorian Count = 13,802.

Equipment: Kkkt's Staff; Kkkt's Armour; Kkkt's Kinetic Rifle

Weaknesses: Fighting him outside of a warm environment will help since he benefits from having lava and heat around. He also wears a heavy protective suit, which slows him down on soft ground; but offers great protection from blasters, and his skin is naturally resistant to blasters. Bringing up the destruction of Kkkt’s clan is likely to cause him to become unbalanced, which can be exploited by a calm and resourceful combatant.