Name: Caesar

Rank: Leader of Clan Caesar

Tier: Low 1

Background: Caesar was born in the year 52 BBY, and was the heir to Clan Caesar, a relatively large Mandalorian Clan. After a house fire incident caused by Caesar's irresponsibility with a local gang, and his parents assuring him the clan would fight on his behalf, Caesar became the sole member of the clan; having been saved from the fire by Kal Skirata.

From that point on, the Mandalorian vowed that no one would ever have to fight on his behalf again. This mentality soon extended to Mandalore itself with the suffering cause since the arrival of Dorjander Kace. With his extreme intellect and planning, Caesar ascended his clan to control the entire second continent of Mandalore prior to the Clone Wars, and after Kace's arrival, Caesar found himself planning to remove the Mand'alor seat from its current holder and sit upon it himself; with the overall goal of removing the need for the Mandalorian to fight on anything but their own terms. The clan leader was determined to make sure the Mandalorians no longer felt the need to fight, coming to terms with their pasts and looking to a more prosperous future, unlike forcing peace on others like Satine Kryze did.

Caesar, under the orders of the Galactic Syndicate, helped apprehend the Null ARC Troopers from the recently destroyed Kyrimorut, though outright defied the Syndicate due to his dislike of their methods and his debt to Kal Skirata; and from this, Caesar saved the Null ARCs and formed an alliance with Clan Skirata. Caesar was later vital in the defeat of the Abeloth body within Syndicate space.

Speed: Low A Visibility | High C Combat Speed

Abilities: The Mastery in Espionage, Mental Shielding, Manipulation, Pattern Recognition, and Deception. Extreme Mastery with Mechanical Mind, Mandalorian Hand-to-Hand, Shield Combat, Throwables, Martial Weapons, and Mandalorian Sabre Combat. Mastery with Projectors, Traps, Jetpacks, Survival Skills, Dun Moch, Archery, Combat Assimilation, and Slugthrowers. Highly Proficient with Weapon Instinct and Ground Vehicles. Proficient with All Weapon Types, Environmental Conditioning, and Slicing. Skilled in Mandalorian Protector Hand-to-Hand Combat and Crafting.

Equipment: Mandalorian Ripper; Caesar’s Beskar Armour; Caesar’s Beskar Sword; 3 Thermal Detonators; 1 Carbonite Grenade; 1 Extremely Strong Paralysis Gas Grenade; JT-12 Jetpack; Upgraded Mandalorian Vambrace with Flamethrower.

Weaknesses: Caesar is focused on his goal of saving the Mandalorian people, and thus, one can exploit him into a foolish position in combat. Caesar was injured on the right side of his chest, having been roughly stitched back together. If one were to focus their attacks on this area, they would likely defeat him far more easily, the area causing him great pain. Caesar has much less viability at long range and midrange, having poorer skills in blasters and other such weapons. As such, engaging at a distance is highly recommended.

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