"Handmaiden Hand-to-Hand Combat! Convenient for lighting fires, rooms, and enemies!"

From my own experience working with the people of Naboo, and the author making many references to times his life has been saved by the form; it feels good to end on something familiar.

[Given he went on to write hundreds if not thousands more after this passage, the above is good for those who needed a laugh amidst the lecture-like writing - Un'duro]

The Handmaidens of Naboo exemplify defence of the Queen’s safety and interests, and their style reflects this heavily. It focuses on fast jabs to the critical points of the body in a way no other style can, dealing extra damage when the punches land. A punch to the ribs from a Handmaiden is likely to cause lasting damage, and could cripple someone in a fight. Furthermore, the style exemplifies the disabling of a combatant, and there is a lot of overlap with the style of the Jedi (see Temple Hand-to-Hand), though with less emphasis on grappling and throwing.

Furthermore, tactics such as eye jabs are commonplace, so there is also great overlap with Street Hand-to-Hand as well. Handmaiden is the only style that manages to combine Street Hand-to-Hand with that of Temple Hand-to-Hand, incorporating the techniques of both with additions of its own.

It is also rumoured that the highest level of this style can seemingly create flames at the limbs, a lost Naboo art.