"'Ouch!' said the paste where a human used to be, after being punched by a Prakith Knight"

The Knights of Prakith were extraordinary beings; beings that cause me to puzzle when reading. In a similar fashion to Teräs Käsi, this style seemingly causes a physical change to the body. It causes overwhelming physical strength, to the point of being able to shatter the ground and punch buildings to the ground.

While Teräs Käsi is focused on focused strength, this style is simple raw output. It doesn’t shatter through the steel, as much as it does dent it and send it flying a kilometer in the distance. Thus, the Knights of Prakith style focuses on aggressive combat movement to prevent the opponent from dodging, exemplifying attacks on the largest areas of the body in order to achieve success.

[It is bizarre to think there are people like this all over the cosmos, capable of shaking the heavens with their fists. Makes you feel very small, and makes you realise how impressive reality and those who live in it are - Un'duro]

After all, once a single strike is landed, and their fist connects with the muscle and bone of their opponent, it is likely all over…