Name: Darth Exousia

Rank: Dark Councillor

Tier: High 2

Background: Darth Exousia is a member of the Dark Councilors of the Eternal Empire. Darth Exousia in seeking of finding himself and his true potential after the massacre of his tribe, caused by himself. He joined the Eternal Empire and swore an oath to serve Vitiate.

Darth Exousia with his time in the Empire showed effectiveness and raw potential, with his loyalty purely to Vitiate, he made sure to get up the ranks and eventually get picked as a Dark Councillor and appointed into the Spheres of Military offence & Strategy.

Speed: High C | Low C

Abilities: Superhuman Strength and Durability. Extreme Mastery in Improvised Hand-to-Hand Combat and Deception. Mastery in Telekinetic Lightsaber Combat, Shii-Cho, Soresu, Ship Boarding, Form V, Niman, and Juyo. Highly Proficient in Manipulation, Ground Vehicles, Explosives, and Martial Weapons. Proficient in Saberstaffs, Throwables, Mental Shielding, Ataru, and Makashi. Skilled in Tràkata.

Notable Force Abilities: Mastery in Force Rage and Enhance Attribute. Highly Proficient in Force Weapon. Proficient in Standard Dark Councillor Abilities and Teleportation.

  • Balance = Pragmatic Fallen. Midichlorian Count = 9272.

Equipment: Proficient with Bowcaster; 2 Battle-Axes; Chainmail Cloak; 5 Lightsabers: 1 Saberstaff, 2 Interlocking Lightsabers, and 2 Single-Bladed Lightsabers.

Weaknesses: Exousia falls to his rage very easily, and while this amps him greatly, it makes him extremely vulnerable to making stupid mistakes and being tricked. If one can simply draw out the fight when he is enraged, more than enough opportunities should present themselves to put him down. He is extremely large and lacks defensive Force abilities, so blaster fire from unexpected and unanticipated angles should put him down very easily. Exousia mainly uses the Telekinetic Lightsaber Technique, which draws concentration away from the user towards the sabers and the combat itself. This should be exploited by a tricky and mindful combatant.