Name: Samuel Rodrigues

Rank: Vassal of the Coiled King

Tier: Middle 2

Background: Born on the Planet of Zygia, Samuel Rodriguez was raised as an apprentice in his Family's martial art and weapons academy, becoming one of his father's top student and was praised by his teachers, the only complaint they about him was his arrogance which was caused by his natural gift with marital art . When he reached the age of 18 one of his Father's students who worked for the Mafia stole the Muramasa, a sword that has been passed down in Sam's family for 100 thousand years and burned down the academy and with it, killed almost everyone Sam knew and loved, When Sam came back from a night out with some of his friends from the academy be fell down and promised to himself he will get revenge. He and his friends spent the next 5 months destroying the Mafia until nothing of it remained and getting back the Muramasa. Afterwards Sam said goodbye to his friends and left to become a mercenary in order to get enough to rebuild the Rodriguez Academy, now going by the nickname he got from his uncle when he was young: "Jetsteam Sam"

Sam spent the next 22 years working as one of the best mercenaries the galaxy had to offer, but now knowing the pain of losing family members he swore an oath to himself to never hurt the families of his targets. At the age of 30 Sam went through a surgery to get an exoskeleton which boosted is already high combat capabilities to an even higher level, reaching new heights he never imagined.

During the year 21 BBY, Sam met Bob Ross who invited him to join the Vassals of the coiled king, Bob explained to him what is their goal and upon hearing it, Sam who wanted his family back accepted the offer and became their newest member. After Spending some time with the other new members of the group and getting to know them, Sam travelled to Brentaal IV where he investigated an academy owned by his family hundreds of years ago before they moved to Zygia, He found a vault and inside of it a map leading to other vaults around the galaxy that were owned by his Family where they kept their most valuable weapons, Sam spoke with his leader Bly about this and lead a crew of Vassals to acquire those weapons in order to help them achieve their goal of resetting everything...

Speed: Middle C Combat Speed

Abilities: Superhuman Physical Strength and Durability. Extreme Mastery in Custom Sword Style, Dagger Combat, and Improvised Hand-to-Hand. Mastery in Throwing Knives, Knife Combat, Shield Combat, Throwables, and Traps. Highly Proficient in Crafting, Mental Shielding, Deception, and Manipulation. Proficient in Camouflage, Shotguns, Espionage, Staffs, Hunting/Tracking, Mechanical Mind, Rocket Boots, and Ground Vehicle. Begun Training in Chiss Sabre Combat.

Equipment: Sam’s Exoskeleton, Muramasa; Durasteel Armour; Electromagnetic Gloves; Rocket Boots; Combat Dagger; 5 Throwing Knives.

Weaknesses: Sam has no skills in blasters or any ranged weapon for that matter, so engaging him from a distance would be most advised, given he would have little way of countering an assault from a distance without closing the distance. Sam would completely lose his mind if Muramasa was stolen, and he would become exploitable in combat if such an action was undertaken. Taunting him about his family enough would cause him to slip into an easy rage, one that could be exploited.