"If the people ever tell that story, let them forget me. Let them remember instead that it was a time of dragons. Let them say it was a time of heroes, both destined and becoming. Let them say I walked in the time of the Demon Saviour..."

The style of Zakuul emphasised one thing above all else, minimal footwork. The techniques used typically involved the static nature of one’s legs, likely brought about as a reaction to the nature of living in a swamp. As such, one typically acts as an unmoving wall.

The Zakuul style does not waver, allowing attacks to sweep towards it and blocking them, holding off an assault and remaining unwavering. Similarly to the style of the Mandalorians, this causes a foe to overcommit, pouring their energy into a strike whose energy does not follow through, causing buckling of the body by the attacker.

This loss of momentum and energy by the opponent typically causes an opening of their guard, where the Zakuul style strikes back, aiming with powerful punches, grips, and strikes that typically send the opponent outside of the Zakuulian’s range. This can be followed up with movement, entering a point of attack if the opponent is still stumbling; or it can be followed up with a counter-attack from some kind of ranged weapon. But the key is to remain as a wall, halting any hope of attacking the user of the style, buckling and breaking the enemy until they can be killed with a counterattack.