Name: Kul Teska

Rank: Mercenary

Tier: Low 1

Background: Kul Teska was a Skakoan male mercenary active during the Clone Wars between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Before he took a criminal's path, Teska was a respected scientist in the Techno Union. However, an accident with his pressure suit left Teska disfigured and forced him to leave the Union. With the help of his knowledge in the field of cybernetics, Teska rebuilt his pressure suit, equipping it with a variety of weapons, and became a gun-for-hire. His reputation as a ruthless villain has since rivalled the likes of Cad Bane, Aurra Sing, and even the Confederacy's own Asajj Ventress.

All the while, Teska continued his own experiments with gravity and began construction of the gravitic polarization beam, a superweapon with enough firepower to collapse a star. Teska's experiments soon attracted the attention of Count Dooku, the leader of the Confederacy. During the Clone Wars, Teska came into Dooku's service and was provided with a laboratory on the planet Behpour in the Naboo system, where the Skakoan continued the development of his weapon.

By 22 BBY, the gravitic beam was complete, and its integral part, the Gravitic Core, was to be delivered to Behpour on a Munificent-class star frigate. However, the crate containing the Core was stolen over the planet Alzoc III by the Duros bounty hunter Cad Bane. Teska reclaimed the part and returned to his base on Behpour. When the Republic Senator Padmé Amidala arrived on the planet, investigating rumours of a Separatist presence in the system, Teska captured the Senator and held her hostage. Soon, following a message delivered by Amidala, the Republic forces assaulted Behpour. Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and his Padawan Ahsoka Tano infiltrated the base, rescued Amidala and engaged Teska in battle in the gravitic polarization beam's core room, while the beam itself built up its power to collapse the Naboo star. Teska was thought to be killed, and Amidala sabotaged the beam, causing it to destroy itself and the entire base.

Kul was rescued by Krosha Morze, under orders from Palpatine to keep him alive in order too perhaps utilise his scientific prowess on another occasion. Injured for nearly 2 years, Kul Teska started his career as a gun-for-hire to help him continue funding his experiments after he had recovered. Not long after, he was contacted by the Loyalists to help their efforts against the Nationalists on Jabiim.

Speed: High C Combat Speed

Abilities: Superhuman Strength and Durability due to suit. The Mastery of Mechanical Mind, Crafting, Chemistry, Explosives, and Slicing. Extreme Mastery of Dun Moch, Mental Shielding, Rocket Boots, Deception, and Traps. Mastery in Espionage, Stealth Generators, Material Instinct, Energy Shields, Ship Boarding, Manipulation, Ground Vehicles, Rocket Launchers, Improvised Hand-to-Hand Combat, Vehicle Boarding, and Aerial Hand-to-Hand Combat. Highly Proficient in Jetpacks, Hunting/Tracking, Survival Skills, Throwables, Projectors, and all Blaster Weapons.

Equipment: Extreme Mastery in Rotary Quad Blaster; Customised Pressure Suit with: 2 Heat-Seeking Rocket Launchers in Shoulders, Heat Generator, 2 Concealed Blasters, Rocket Boots, Hover Jets, Mastery with Laser Beam centred on chest, Electric Shockwave Generator, Powerful Deflector Shield, Grappling Claw, 2 Portable Ray Shield Generators, Self-Repair System, and EMP Hardening.

Weaknesses: Kul Teska is extremely overconfident and prideful, and attacking him from this angle mentally overrides any of his mental resistance, and it will likely cause him to go for an all-out rageful attack. Alternatively, he is easily tricked when he falls into his overconfidence. While it is resistant to EMPs, it is not able to resist an Ionise, and thus his suit can be disabled this way. Once this happens, he will be trapped in a metal coffin. Disabling his boots or other critical components, like Cad Bane did, would yield massive advantages.