"Like Rome, some say the Mandalorian Sword Style was built in a day. Quite frankly, I just think they were waiting for an excuse to watch the Jedi die up close"

The Mandalorians, an ancient warrior race and the enemies to the Jedi for much of their history. This library contains the same story, seemingly in every parallel they follow the same pattern. Unstable and falling apart, but strong when united. They are an open target for many, with even my fellow councillors and myself wishing to cause disarray. Though none of us expected the Senate’s demands for the attack on Mandalore the second time. I suppose that was the final nail in the coffin for us.

The Mandalorian Sabre Combat is a mirror and representation of their history. The author described, and to my shock and realisation at the time of reading, that the Mandalorian Sword Style held the exact perfect counters for forms I, II and III, which were used predominantly by the Jedi during the Mandalorian Wars. Ataru was made as a response to this sword combat style.

The Mandalorian Sabre Combat style is designed to use a jetpack in variation, and is similar to Ataru in the sense it is all about physical movement. Strong strikes in combination with quick movements are designed to overwhelm the defence of a Soresu user. Its main difference against Ataru is its lack of flips, and the strikes aimed for vital points. Un’duro, who always seems to enjoy reading with me, says “it's a boring Ataru meant to kill people”. And I couldn't agree more…

[Of course, in hindsight, I feel much admiration for the Mandalorian race, and the tales Mace spread of them became the stuff of legend on our planet. Which says a lot about them as a collective - Un'duro]