Name: ARC-2850 "Klutz"

Rank: Major

Tier: Middle 3

Background: CT-2850 and later on ARC-2850 or otherwise known as "Klutz" is a ARC Major that was is part of the 415th Corps. During the mission in the Deep Core Klutz was the main force behind the attempt to expose that Méra was training under a Sith. Though this caused his to be forced to kill his fellow clone Nightwatch by Ragnos, where he was then investigated by the rest of the battalion, which unknowingly allowed Klutz to convince Master Windu and the rest of the Council that Méra was under the influence of the Sith.

Later on, Klutz taken to the 501st by Darth Sidious, after a time there, he inducted into the Cipher Program, a highly secretive program that objective is unknown. Klutz was later reintroduced into the 415th with the rank of Captain. He was later promoted to Major.

Speed: Middle E Combat Speed

Abilities: Highly Proficient in Blaster Rifles, Traps, Espionage, and Deception. Proficient in Hunting/Tracking, Prakith Sword Combat, Cloaking Devices, Prakith Hand-to-Hand Combat, Archery, Mediaeval Siege Weapons, Throwables, Jetpacks, Ground Vehicles, Shield Combat, and Blaster Pistols. Skilled in Rocket Boots, Mental Shielding, Explosives, and Sniper Rifles. Begun Training in Mandalorian Hand-to-Hand Combat.

Equipment: Dual DC-17; DC-15A; DC-15S Carbine; Skilled with DP-23 Shotgun; 3 Thermal Detonators; 1 EMP grenades; Utility Belt with: Ammunition, Grappling Hook, Basic Medical Supplies, Multitool; Duraplast Beta Series-II ARC Armour; DC-15x; Klutz's Cybernetic Legs containing: Rocket Boosters, Magnetic Boots, Retractable Feet Blades, Knee Rockets, Smoke Generators, Magnetic Explosive Charges, and Concealed Blaster; Prakith Steel Sword; Force Shield Helmet.

Weaknesses: Klutz is headstrong and stubborn, and thus a manipulative combatant could draw him into a strategy before turning the tables on him, and Klutz could potentially stick stubbornly to old strategies. Under stress, he may return to his clumsy habits, which should be exploited by a mindful combatant. Klutz has a hatred of working with Force Users, and manipulating a combat scenario to force him to work with one will likely lead to a situation which sorts itself out. Due to his PTSD from his Sith encounters, Force Users are advised to remove his Force Shield helmet and exploit this post traumatic stress through influence of the mind. Klutz’s legs are filled with many different items, and thus slightly weigh him down. Introducing him to a body of water could potentially drown him if the rocket boots were disabled beforehand, and disabling the robotic legs with a localised electromagnetic pulse would remove him as a threat.