Strength and Durability Levels

Standard Strength and Durability

This level of strength and durability is seen in most people, and is what one would expect from an average person, ranging from less than average to Peak Human Strength.

This is never listed on profiles, and instead the strength of a person should be determined by the context of both the character and the situation.

Beyond Peak Human Strength and Durability

Given to characters who have a strength and durability that of the peak of a normal person, typically achieved through cybernetic and physical augmentations. People with this classification are typically able to easily overwhelm and overpower Peak Humans through strength, and can take strikes greater than that of a Peak Human. This is also common amongst some biological species.

It is possible to reach this level via training through regular means, and under certain conditions (such as an extremely advanced gravity).

Superhuman Strength and Durability

Given to characters who go above and beyond regular humans, to the point one would consider it superhuman. This is the level of the average-to-high-end Force User using augmentation, and those with this level are easily able to contest them. This region works heavily off a scale, with a decent amount of variance between the higher end and lower end, but the gap is not large enough that it can't be decided by the relevant Dungeon Master.

Extreme Strength and Durability

Given to characters who have an unprecedented level of strength and durability, able of performing feats such as lifting and throwing creatures weighing 20,000 tons at its higher end, and other such performances in the same vein. This level is typically seen in extremely high-level Force augmentation at its lower end, seen by the likes of Master Yoda and more.

Insane Strength and Durability

An unquantified strength and durability that is potentially limitless.