Name: NC-012 "Flauros"

Rank: Nimbus Commando

Tier: Low 2

Background: NC-012, going by the name of "Flauros", is a Jabiim native and member of the Nimbus Commandos. Born Nyx Koller, he joined the ranks of the commandos with the goal of opposing the Grand Army of the Republic like many others, and became something of a commander along with NC-009 "Falcon" and NC-010 "Beans" for their collective leadership ability.

Like most, if not all Nimbus Commandos, he was born on Jabiim, and joined the group to strike against the Grand Army of the Republic, having been trained by Alto Stratus, as was the norm for their outfit. While he did participate in the Battle of Jabiim like all of the commandos, he wouldn't truly start making himself known until later in the Clone Wars, assisting with the defeat of a remarkably well-armed group of pirates on Holowan, and nearly dying in defence of a CIS base on Listehol against the Eternal Empire.

Still, he truly came into his own during a special mission on Mandalore to rescue the Dark Acolyte Dragonius and Mandalorian Kal Skirata, working alongside a small team of other Nimbus, as well as Annalise Dimidium and Axis. While the rescue succeeded, he was soon captured and tortured before finally being rescued during an assault on Sundari Palace. After the completion of this mission, Flauros left to join Axis on a new mission alongside Beans and Falcon, two of the foremost contributors to the success of the Mandalore rescue operation.

Speed: High C Combat Speed

Abilities: The Mastery in Weapon Instinct. Extreme Mastery in Sniper Rifles. Mastery in Blaster Rifles and Mental Shielding. Highly Proficient with Espionage, Cloaking Devices, and Blaster Pistols. Proficient in Deception, Grenade Launchers, Mechanical Mind, Treatment & Aid, Explosives, Improvised Hand-to-Hand combat, Slugthrowers, and Shotguns. Skilled in Jabiim Sabre Combat, Sith Sword Combat, Throwables, Way of the Void, Ground Vehicles, Martial Weapons, Hunting/Tracking, and Survival Skills. Begun Training in Shii-Cho, Camouflage, Throwing Knives, and Jetpacks.

Equipment: Verpine Sniper Rifle; 2 DC-17s; Nimbus Commando Armour; Proficient with Repulsor Skates; Shielded Mandalorian Jetpack; 5 Thermal Detonators; 1 EMP Grenades; Lightsaber; Chiss Sword; Vibrodagger; Near Farr's Beskar Spear; 10 Throwing Knives

Weaknesses: Flauros will drop everything in the mission for those he considers family, chiefly Beans, Falcon, and Axis. Placing any one of these individuals in harm would allow one to lead Flauros to where you wanted him to go. Flauros does not handle surprises well, getting stressed and slightly panicked when something out of the ordinary drops on him. As such, esoteric techniques and unexpected tactics will cause him to become far less combat effective. Flauros is extremely unfamiliar with the Force, his first proper interaction with it being on a friendly level with Annalise. As such, use of Force Powers is likely to catch him off guard and bring him down. Flauros does not know how to use his right leg, and currently, is extremely open to attack considering his lack of mobility.