"I once watched a free-for-all fight between three Chiss warriors, one of the greatest fights I had seen as a matter of fact. It was only after the hallucinogens wore off that I realised it was a lyrical dispute between the Blue Man Group..."

The Chiss’ Hand-to-Hand Combat is less like their sabre style, and far more conventional. However, there is a certain art to it. The Chiss style focuses on aiming for the central body, the chest and thighs in particular. With strong strikes intending on winding the opponent, it allows for the Chiss to follow up with strikes to the legs and head; with the style understanding that breathing is far more important than anything in a close-quarters engagement, and reducing and cutting off such faculties is the easiest way to win.

As such, one could even see throat jabs employed as part of the Chiss style, as well as utilising the exhaustion of the opponent to use their body weight against them, tripping them up or changing the level of engagement. The Chiss never makes the first move either, allowing the opponent to place their body zones within the Chiss’ striking zone.

The Chiss Hand-to-Hand is best described as calculated, with hindrance of the opponent’s breathing and consciousness, the latter of which achieves strikes to their ears and temples. There is no time wasted on attacking openings that aren’t critical, the Chiss seeing it as a waste of breath and energy, which also leads opponents into a false sense of security.