Name: ARC-5555 "Fives"

Rank: Captain

Tier: Low 3

Background: CT-5555 (short for CT-27-5555), and later referred to as ARC-5555, was an Advanced Recon Commando who served in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. Due to his clone designation, he referred to himself as "Fives." Originally a clone cadet during the early phase of the pan-galactic conflict between the Galactic Republic and Confederacy of Independent Systems, Fives completed his training on Kamino and attained the rank of trooper alongside his teammates in Domino Squad. As a newly-trained soldier, he was stationed in a Republic outpost on the Rishi Moon at the time of a Separatist attack on the installation. As one of only two survivors, Fives was recruited into the 501st Legion. Following the successful defence of Kamino, he joined the ranks of the elite Advanced Recon Commandos along with CT-1409 "Echo," the only other survivor of the attack on Rishi Station.

Fives was aboard the SIMS-1 when it crashed into Odessen, where he befriended and met a variety of clone troopers. Fives was part of the search party that was conducted to locate Echo, however, the search party was unsuccessful. Echo would later be found months later.

After the Day of Chaos, Fives was informed by Echo that the 501st Commander at the time, known as "Vaukh", was a traitor to the Republic; and that Fives needed to be careful. Fives withdrew inwards, becoming weary of the command of the Third Systems Army. Fives would then attend the Umbara Campaign, horrified by the sights and the bloodshed there. Once Fives had figured out the truth behind Vaukh and his real identity, he was soon captured by the "commander" in question, and tortured.

This torture resulted in the brainwashing of Fives at the hand of Vaukh, though he was later rescued by Echo. Due to the mental stress, Fives deserted from the Republic, and later ended up in Arca Barracks with the Muunilinst 10.

Speed: Middle F Combat Speed

Abilities: Highly Proficient in Blaster Pistols, Blaster Rifles, Jetpacks, and Throwables. Proficient in Sniper Rifles, Explosives, and Ground Vehicles. Skilled in Hunting/Tracking, Echani Hand-to-Hand, and Wrist Shields.

Equipment: Mastery with DC-17. Highly Proficient with DC-15A; Proficient with DC-15S Carbine; Skilled with DP-23 shotgun; 6 thermal detonators, 2 EMP grenades; Utility Belt with: Ammunition, Grappling Hook, Basic Medical Supplies, Multitool; Duraplast Beta Series-III ARC Armour; DC-15x; Ysalamiri; Wrist Vibroblade; Z-6 Jetpack

Weaknesses: Fives was tortured and manipulated by Vaukh, and this is an easily exploitable mental weakness. Poking this festering wound would likely cause Fives to become unbalanced, becoming angry and careless. This would make him easy pickings for a calm and stable combatant. Further angles to attack would be his feelings that he is a traitor for working under Vaukh, though this information is only exploitable if it is known. Resorting to dual-wield often, getting in close would be the best option; with limited CQC to be expected due to both hands being full.