Name: Amina (Deceased)

Rank: Jedi Padawan

Tier: High 3

Background: Amina was a force-generated individual, an imprint on the universe left by Vaylin Tirall within the Void after the daughter of Valkorian was trapped there. Thus, buried within her were the memories of Vaylin Tirall, and Amina always knew there was something different about her. However, she still strived to be as good of a Jedi as possible, even having Arcann Tirall as a master.

Amina was later killed by her own hand after the death of Commander Rex, of which she was blamed for.

Speed: High D

Abilities: Proficient in Soresu, Mental Shielding, Makashi, Shii-Cho, Niman, Temple Hand-to-Hand, and Deception.

Notable Force Abilities: Highly Proficient in Malacia. Proficient in Telekinesis, Standard Padawan Light Side abilities and basic Dark Side abilities. Skilled in Force Flash and Force Barrier. Begun Training in Mind Trick and Convection.

  • Balance = 88. Midichlorian Count = 12,230.

Equipment: Jedi Robes; Amina’s Lightsaber

Weaknesses: Not aware of her own force potential; leaving her prone to underestimating her own power, and losing control of her force abilities. Her mysterious past looms over her life, and she is constantly plagued by not remembering it. Using Dun Moch to unbalance her is possible, but it could also boomerang and make her stronger than ever. Stronger with the force than she is in lightsaber combat.