Name: RC-5704 “Storm”

Rank: Major

Tier: Low 2

Background: RC-5704 “Storm” was a member of the 415th exploratory corps and leader of their commando squad, Zeta. Like every other clone trooper, Storm was born and trained on the planet Kamino to serve as a soldier of the Galactic Republic. As a Republic Commando, he and the rest of his squad, RC-1204 "Botboy", RC-1025 "Fuse" and "Goose" formed a strong bond together underneath their trainer. Since the beginning of the war, Storm was a part of the 415th serving under Jedi General Méra Dimitra and Commander Day and after his death, Commander Sights, who later got promoted to general.

During a mission on Korriban, Storm and the rest of the 415th encountered the Sith Lord Marka Ragnos, who invaded their minds and his holocron was taken with the battalion. While with the battalion, Ragnos tortured many of the 415th members, which along with the 415th's later encounters with Sith caused Storm to strongly hate them. While on Dromund Kass Storm and the 415th encountered the Empire that had arrived from a different universe, with Marka Ragnos explaining that time fissures had been appearing across the galaxy.

Storm and the 415th were later sent to explore the deep core with Mace Windu. While on Prakith, Storm and several other 415th member were trapped in a loop by a Sith Shadow for two years, causing him to take a more laid back approach to life from now on. Due to the lack of modern technology on the planet, Storm also developed medieval combat skills and kept a sword to use in combat. When they arrived to Byss the Sith Shadow summoned the Empire once more, but they were followed by the New Republic. During the occurring fight Storm and Zeta squad separated from the 415th to help Mace Windu who had defeated fighting Vader and was fighting Iri Camas. Storm and Zeta helped Windu defeat his old apprentice, before returning to the rest of the 415th force. The 415th defeated the Sith Shadow but they had to be rescued by Han Solo and Chewbacca. Han Solo drove them to Dromund Kass where they were attacked by the bounty hunter Boba Fett and after the fight Méra killed Goose and blamed it on Boba. Some time after RC-5626 "Stew" arrived to replace Goose in Zeta squad.

Eventually, Marka Ragnos left the universe, removing his influence from Storm and the 415th's minds, but leaving the mental defences. Storm along with the 415th went to the Rakatan Archipelago, where they were split in two teams to take care of dark side artefacts and Storm managed to place the charges in the cave that his team was sent to blow up. Storm also participated in the Third Battle of Geonosis and helped blow up a droid factory on the planet. Later Storm and the 415th were sent to Aridus to recover a Sarcophagus, where they teamed up with the CIS Explorers. The Sarcophagus turned out to be Celeste Morne, who had been locked to stop Karness Muur who was using his talisman to posses her. While trying to escape the temple Storm attacked the possessed Morne to slow them down, causing him to lose two fingers. Storm continued to try and escape the temple barely managing to succeed while the CIS and 415th forces were holding off Morne, but he sustained heavy injuries and getting cybernetic fingers to replace the ones he lost. Storm, along with the 415th and CIS Explorers, eventually returned to the temple and managed to stop Muur.

Speed: Low C Combat Speed

Abilities: Extreme Mastery in Mental Shielding due to leftover Ragnos defences. Mastery in Mandalorian Sabre Combat, Throwables, Blaster Pistols, Espionage, Traps, Environmental Conditioning, Deception, and Camouflage; High Proficiency in Hunting/Tracking, Slicing, Shotguns, Ship Boarding, Vehicle Boarding, and Ground Vehicles; Proficient in Projectors, Disruptors, Survival Skills, Prakith Sword Combat, Shield Combat, Prakith Hand-to-Hand, Archery, Medieval Siege Weapons, Mandalorian Hand-to-Hand Combat, Jetpacks, Sniper Rifles, Blaster Rifles, Rocket Launchers, Slugthrowers, Dagger Combat, Blaster Carbines, Blaster Cannons, Chainguns, Throwing Knives, Treatment & Aid, Manipulation, and Explosives. Skilled in Energy Shields and Way of the Rancor.

Equipment: High Proficiency in all DC-17M Configurations and DC-15s Sidearm blaster pistol; Proficient with Vibro Blades; 2 Thermal detonators, 2 EMP grenades; 2 Smoke Grenades; Commando Recon Droid; Utility Belt with: Ammunition, Grappling Hook, Basic Medical Supplies, Multitool; Mark 2 Katarn Armour; Knuckle Plate Vibroblade; Prakith Sword; Energy Shield with Armour.

Weaknesses: Storm, for all his greatness, does not take things too seriously. The true horrors of the universe have been seen, and as such, Storm often underestimates enemies; simply desensitised. Simply allowing Storm to believe he has the upper hand, before revealing the truth to the combat scenario will allow one to dispatch on him. Storm cares deeply about his friends, and exploiting them will go far to set him off balance. The Commando Armour sacrifices agility for durability, and thus this burden can be exploited by an agile or fast opponent. The time it takes to swap the DC-17m attachment leaves Storm vulnerable to attack. Applying an electric shock or mechu deru to his vibroblade could short it out and electrocute him. Storm’s energy shield can withstand roughly 4-5 lightsaber strikes, and 30-40 blaster bolts; and once overwhelmed, he needs to take cover for several actions before the shield can recharge. Storm has an injury on his right leg, and repeated attacks there could cripple him in a combat engagement. Storm is allergic to Bacta, and administering it to him would give one an immeasurable advantage.