Name: Darth Diena

Rank: Sith Lord

Tier: Low 1

Background: Darth Diena (Méra Dimitra) was a Jedi Knight turned Sith Lord. A human female, she was born into an upper class family on Naboo. She was taken to Coruscant to be trained at the Jedi Temple at the early age of 2. After being involved in an accident that left her crippled, she was taken on as a padawan by a Jedi Master named Rina Sinex. Throughout her padawan years, she excelled in the force and her eagerness to learn earned her high praise. After her master’s death on Geonosis, she was made a Jedi Knight and general of the 415th battalion without going through the trials. This isolated her from her friends and made her much less confident in herself. Her one anchor was her commander, Day, who cared for her.

After a devastating defeat on Concordia without her Commander's help, Méra was at her lowest. On Korriban, she found the tomb of Marka Ragnos, where she and her battalion encountered a girl supposedly the spirit of a dead Jedi, who turned out to be a vision of Méra's master. After tormenting her, the spirit revealed itself to be the Sith Spirit of Marka Ragnos himself. Impressed by herself, the Sith Spirit seemingly changed his mind and gave Méra the Sith holocron containing his spirit. Ragnos offered to train Méra against what he dubbed "the Sith'ari", claiming him to be the ultimate evil even worse than himself. Méra agreed, and was thus taken as his unofficial apprentice. On Bosthirda, Méra fought a Sith Lord and unknowingly was chosen as the true apprentice of Marka Ragnos by the Spirits. Eventually, they made it to Dromund Kaas, where Méra and the 415th was responsible for sending Vader and the Galactic Empire back to the Universe of Fracture.

During her mission to discover Byss and the Deep Core, she encountered the Sith Spirit haunting the Core known as Mandu. On Prakith, he trapped Méra the 415th within 2 time loops. Méra spent 2 years alone, getting stronger so that she could defeat Mandu once she escaped. Her romantic feelings towards one of her friends, A'Sharad Hett, was able to become stronger due to the two years apart. Later on Byss, Méra once again encountered the Empire. Méra was forced to kill Commander Day in order to lift the shield on the entrance to the tomb of Mandu.

After Byss, she was knighted as a Sith Lord by Ragnos, taking the name Darth Diena. On Dromund Kaas, she had a nearly fatal run-in with Boba Fett, who had also followed Han Solo from Byss. Diena went with Solo and a group to Tatooine, where she killed a woman that turned out to be the mother of her lover, A'Sharad Hett; which justifiably ended their relationship. Hated by people on both sides of the Force and the conflict, she swore that nothing else would get in the way of her mission against the Sith'ari, Darth Sidious. Due to the influence of Grandmaster Luke after getting into contact with him, Ragnos abandoned his holocron to go to the Universe of Fracture, leaving Diena with its shattered remains and no way of knowing what happened.

On Bakura, an accident led to Diena meeting an older version of herself without cybernetics. After a close duel, she stole the body with an ancient Sith technique taught to her by Ragnos. The hostility towards her peaked at this event, and her companions turned against her. This culminated in a duel with Future on Tatooine, and being taken into custody on Naboo. Later, she escaped with the help of Darth Maul and his crew. Later, on Odessen, she was taken into custody again by Grand Admiral Thrawn. Diena was then approached by Darth Sidious, who severed her from the force. Mixer stayed with her to attempt to bring her back to the Light but ultimately failed. She regained her Force-sensitivity and was placed into a coma.

Awake several months later, Diena finding her way off Lothal. She wandered for many more months, before being found by the former forces of Ghos Gin. They helped her make her way to Mandalore. Here, she was captured after mistaking Kylo Ren for Vader. There, he dragged her around until his master, Kar’nek, ejected her onto Korriban. She went into the Tomb of Marka Ragnos to die. She was later found by Karness Muur and his group, joining their group. She would meet Darth Nihl, who urged her to reach out to Marka Ragnos. However, it backfired. She was captured by unknown forces, and had her Force Bond studied.

Diena woke up on Serenno, finding herself in the dark. She helped with the fallout after the bombing of Caranthia. She continued accompanying Darth Nihl, eventually ending up on Zakuul. There, she met up with Ghos Gin once again. He betrayed her at the behest of Valkorion. After her capture, her memories were altered to remove all happiness. Valkorion removed her ability to realize what she was missing, solidifying her in the dark...

Speed: High C

Abilities: Mastery in Jar’Kai, Niman, and Mental Shielding; Highly Proficient in Saberstaffs, Sith Sword Combat, Deception, Survival Skills, and Manipulation. Proficient in Mechanical Mind, Crafting, Shii-Cho, Temple Hand-to-Hand, Prakith Sword Combat, Shield Combat, Camouflage, Mediaeval Siege Weapons, and Ataru. Begun Training in Juyo.

Notable Force Abilities: Extreme Mastery of Dominate Mind. Mastery in Tutaminis and Ionise. High Proficiency in standard Knight Light Side abilities, standard pre-Banite Sith Lord abilities, and Force Repulse. Proficiency in Battle Meditation, Force Valour, Force Illusion and Mind Trick. Skilled in Force Stealth, Force Fear, Force Whirlwind, Animal Bond, Sith Alchemy, and Wall of Light. Begun Training in Force Choke and Dark Contemplation.

  • Balance = Forced Fallen. Midichlorian Count = 13,002.

Equipment: 2 Interlocking Red Blades; Sith Armour

Weaknesses: Diena is emotionally destabilised due to the events of Tatooine and beyond, meaning she is not exactly mentally stable in a fight and can be manipulated into irrationality. She can be easily exploited in a fight, and a combatant can easily perform Dun Moch in relation to her self-induced tragic history to gain the better of her. This weakness no longer applies while her memories are currently altered. After stealing an alternate body, she has minor issues with running, and is prone to getting exhausted due to her body not being powered by technology. Lastly, Diena is more comfortable with the force than with her lightsabers; this combined with rather inflexible technique makes her vulnerable to those with higher skill in lightsaber combat.