Name: Standard Chiss Sky-walker

Rank: Chiss Sky-walker

Tier: Low 4

Background: Chiss Sky-Walkers are force users with the unique gift of being able to navigate through the unknown regions. Due to the Chiss' genetic disadvantage in accessing the force, the Sky-Walkers have barely any weapons training, but they are able to use mental force attacks to try and protect themselves.

The Sky-walkers were created when it was determined that developing reliable navigational computers through the unknown regions would be too difficult due to the constantly shifting routes and abundance of navigational hazards. Most Sky-walkers are under the age of 18 as Chiss generally lose their force sensitivity by that age, and are mostly women, as Chiss males are far less likely to have the force. Each Sky-walker is paired with a former Sky-walker to teach them how to properly use their skills and to guide them through their time as Sky-walkers.

With the advent of better navigational systems, and the mapping of the unknown regions by the Unknown Regions Alliance, Sky-Walkers are still necessary on flagships due to the violent navigational hazards that still exist in the region, but they are more spread out than they have been historically, and their locations and assignments are kept far more discreet.

Speed: High H

Abilities: Skilled in Charric Pistols.

Notable Force Abilities: Mastery in Instinctive Astrogation. Highly Proficient in Telepathy and Precognition. No universal powers.

Equipment: Skilled in Charric Pistol.

Weaknesses: Chiss Sky-Walkers are entirely non-combat units, they have no weapons training, and are only trained in navigating using the force, it is very difficult to not defeat one of these units in combat. Be warned though. The Sky-walkers are usually defended by stronger Chiss units, and as such, those will need to be dispatched before the swift removal of the Sky-walker can take place.

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