Name: Yoda

Rank: Grandmaster of the Jedi Order

Tier: High 0

Background: Yoda, a Force-sensitive male being of a mysterious species was one of the most legendary, renowned and powerful Jedi Masters in galactic history. He was known for his legendary wisdom, mastery of the Force and skills in lightsaber combat. Yoda served as a member of the Jedi High Council in the last centuries of the Galactic Republic and as Grand Master oversaw the Jedi Order before and during the devastating Clone Wars. Following the First Battle of Geonosis, Yoda held the title of Master of the Order in addition to that of Grand Master; until the Battle of Byss, where Mace Windu reclaimed the title. Yoda once again holds both titles after Windu's death at the Third Battle of Dromund Kaas.

In his centuries of service to the galaxy and the Force, Grand Master Yoda had a hand in the training of nearly all the Jedi in the Order, including such luminaries as Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ki-Adi-Mundi and Oppo Rancisis, all of whom would come to serve on the Jedi Council along with him.

Standing about 66 cm tall, Yoda was a male member of a mysterious species, details of which he did not reveal. Yoda served as a member of the Jedi Order for centuries, eventually gaining a seat on the Jedi High Council, before reigning as the Grand Master of the Jedi. He had exceptional skills in lightsaber combat, having mastered all forms and stances of lightsaber combat, except the Vaapad subset of Form VII (he had mastered the original Form VII variant known as Juyo), but known for being particularly accomplished in Form IV, often employing the acrobatic techniques of the form. Many considered him a swordmaster and the greatest duellist in the Jedi Order, even surpassing Mace Windu and Count Dooku.

Though arguably the Order's greatest master of the Force and most skilled warrior, Yoda believed most firmly in the importance of instructing younger generations and never missed an opportunity to ensure his students learn from their experiences. At heart, the diminutive Jedi Master was a teacher; indeed, he instructed nearly all the Jedi in the order, to some extent, during his reign as Grand Master.

Speed: High A

Abilities: The Master of Ataru and own custom Hand-to-Hand Combat Style. The Mastery of all lightsaber forms and Mental Shielding. Extreme Mastery of Temple Hand-to-Hand Combat. Highly Proficient in Pattern Recognition.

Notable Force Abilities: The Master of Battle Meditation, Force Deflection, Tutaminis, Force Valour, Telekinesis to the point of being able to atomise his opponents and most Light Side abilities. The Mastery of Force Energy and Electric Judgement. Extreme Mastery in Mechu Deru and Force Ghost. Mastery in Forced Shatterpoint, Fold Space, and Fighting Sight. Highly Proficient in Flow Walking and Aura of Freedom.

  • Balance = The Light. Midichlorian Count = 19,765.

Equipment: Yoda’s lightsaber; Yoda’s cane

Weaknesses: Like the others in Tier 0, it would be far better to surrender to Yoda. Being a Jedi, he is likely to spare your life if you do so. However, to engage Yoda, the wisest course of action would be to prolong the battle for as long as possible. Due to his advanced age, Yoda cannot keep fighting for as long as his peers. One can only pray they last long enough to be able to see him even begin to falter…