Name: Scorpenek Annihilator Droid

Rank: Battle Droid

Tier: Low 1

Background: The Scorpenek annihilator droid was a droid constructed by the Colicoid Creation Nest.

In the middle stages of the Clone Wars, Republic forces launched an attack on Colla IV, where a single annihilator droid took out three of the four platoons of clone troopers that had been advancing on the shielded factory. Advanced Recon Commando Stec was one of the survivors. Knowing more Republic forces would arrive, a CIS task force was arranged by the Colicoids to ship the annihilators to the front lines of the war. Annihilator droids also participated at the Battle of Formos and the Battle of Palahni, where they scored victories for the Confederacy.

A single annihilator could decimate a dozen AT-TEs and make them nothing more than smoking husks. Not surprisingly, these droids struck fear into their enemies' hearts, and turned the tide in the battles at Palanhi and Formos to score Separatist victories.

Speed: High C Visibility | High I Movement Speed

Abilities: None

Equipment: Extreme Mastery with Dual Rapid Fire blaster cannons; Deflector Shield Generator; Combination Particle-Energy Shield.

Weaknesses: While the Scorpenek droid is to be feared, it has two key weaknesses. Firstly, it is far too expensive to sometimes be viable, with the CIS only able to afford 100 at any given time. This means that the commander in charge of them is likely to be cautious, unwilling to risk such an expensive product. The Scorpenek droid has a centre eye of large proportion, and even the slightest touch to it will bring the entire droid down. If one were to find a way to disable the droid’s shield, this would render it highly vulnerable, with its main defence gone.

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