"There once was a warrior from Kalee, one lazy hunt he decided to tarry, they rendered him dead, cut off his head, and thus his wife I was able to marry"

The people of Kaleesh focus on the hunt, this I know from my own encounters with General Grievous. And this focus is poured into their sabre style, and interestingly enough, the style focuses on teamwork.

The Kaleesh Style emphasises on cobra like movements according to the author, a quick attack is thrown towards the opponent, before a hasty retreat follows, slinking away and out of range from the opponent. Now, this strategy is somewhat viable on one’s own, if the user can follow these attacks up in repetition at vast speeds.

However, the beauty of this style is the emphasis on teamwork. When one Kaleesh retreats in one direction after a strike, the next on another flank is already heading in. This forces the opponent to shift their attention, and by the time they are fully turned, the Kaleesh is already gone, with another coming from another direction.

[This whole section does make one realise how the style falls apart when it is a single Kaleesh soldier on their own - Un'duro]

This continues, until one Kaleesh is too quick, or the opponent is too turned around to catch the strike; and the battle is over. Or rather, the hunt completed…