"I mean, it's one hell of a way to go..."

The Way of the Divto is built for opponents much larger than the user, both in strength and stature. An emphasis on grappling by physically manoeuvring onto the enemy’s body, typically wrapping arms and legs around them in a constricting fashion; forcing them down to the ground or a disadvantageous position.

Methods like scissor leg takedowns, grappling and choking the enemy with a leg and thigh crush. Using the momentum from grappling up onto the enemy to bring them down to the floor is extremely vital as well. As such, when training for this style, there is an extreme emphasis on flexibility and acrobatics. These techniques usually take opponents by surprise, as the twisting motion in combination with the momentum sends them spiralling to the floor.

Standing grappling can be used, but with less emphasis on it than Way of the Rancor, the key being that Way of the Rancor does not intend on letting their opponent go; forcing the grip to remain. Meanwhile, Way of the Divto intends on releasing the opponent through the air as soon as possible.