Name: Dalar Kyra

Rank: Sith Apprentice

Tier: Middle 2

Background: Dalar Kyra is a female force sensitive Kel Dor. Dalar seeks out knowledge in the force and is confident in her abilities within it. She does not embrace the Dark Side, but merely manipulates it. She is not afraid to utilize the full expanse of the force and bend it to her will. Dalar sticks strongly to her moral beliefs, however skewed they may be. Her loyalties remain first to herself, but currently, she sports a soft spot for her Mandalorian lover, Sal, since meeting him on Serenno.

Dalar faces insecurity in her position with the CIS and as an apprentice, leading to rash bursts of emotion she sometime regrets. Outside of those rare moments, Dalar is normally one to plan things out first. Dalar trusts first in her ability with the force before reaching for a lightsaber. If there's a chance things can be talked out first, Dalar will take it, putting her in striking contrast with her master. She is a Dark Acolyte and the apprentice of Darth Jar Jar.

Speed: Middle C

Abilities: Mastery in Espionage and Makashi. Highly Proficient in Mental Shielding, Throwables, Ground Vehicles, Deception, Temple Hand-to-Hand, and Juyo. Proficient in Dun Moch, Manipulation, Explosives, and Environmental Conditioning. Skilled in Slicing.

Notable Force Abilities: Highly Proficient in standard Dark Acolyte Abilities.

  • Balance = Neutral Fallen. Midichlorian Count = 16,867.

Equipment: Dalar’s Robes; Single-Bladed Lightsaber; Commlink; 1 Remote Detonator Explosive; Oxygen Mask

Weaknesses: Dalar leans heavily on her ability to use the Force over her ability to use a blade, and as such, this should be utilised by a combatant; be it through Force Nullification tactics or through an aggressive front which would not allow for as much liberal use of the Force. She is always one to talk things out first, and as such, she can be twisted by a skilled manipulator. Alternatively, going for an all-out attack from the start would catch her off guard and potentially overwhelm her defences immediately. Dalar is insecure in her position within the CIS and galaxy, and can be twisted easily over words that cut deep to such a mindset. Likely leading to an emotional outburst, a combatant should utilise this fully to put her down. Finally, Dalar has an extreme soft spot for the Mandalorian known as Sal, and this could be potentially utilised by a combatant in order to give on the emotional advantage in a combat scenario.