Name: K'Kruhk

Rank: Jedi Master

Tier: High 2

Background: Thane Menthis is a force user from the Order of the Grey Paladins. The Grey Paladins believe that one shouldn't rely on the force entirely, instead letting it supplement physical abilities, and as such they adopt a more militant lifestyle than that of usual Jedi, using few force abilities and utilizing more conventional weaponry. After being taken in as a Jedi youngling and being promoted to Padawan, Thane's master joined the Grey Paladins, and he followed. Honing his skills in the Clone Wars, he was a succesful Grey Paladin Knight who assisted the Republic via espionage missions and frontline assaults. Following the Day of Chaos and the death of his master, he has been living on Tython and teaching Jedi self defense.

Speed: High C

Abilities: Extreme Mastery of Blaster Pistols. Mastery in Espionage, all other Blaster Weapons, Mental Shielding, Temple Hand-to-Hand, Slugthrowers, and Teras Kasi. Highly Proficient in Throwables, Ground Vehicles, and Mechanical Mind.

Notable Force Abilities: Extreme Mastery in Force Guidance. Mastery in Battle Precognition, Farsight, Force Sight, and Enhance Attribute.

  • Balance = 37. Midichlorian Count = 14,745.

Equipment: 2 DC-17s; Thane’s Armour and Robes

Weaknesses: While Thane can out-aim basically anyone in a contest of blaster weapons due to his Force enhancements, he does not typically actively use the Force to increase his speed, instead keeping himself at a fast baseline. As such, he can still be outdrawn by faster blaster wielders, even if his aim would be more accurate. Furthermore, Thane usually only carries blaster pistols, and thus attacking him with a sniper rifle or other long-distance weapon would be extremely smart; given the blaster pistols themselves have limited range. Overwhelming blaster fire or engaging with a close-quarters weapon would also be highly effective, given Thane’s lack of a lightsaber and his lack of skill with melee weapons. Lastly, Thane has no real counter to Force powers used on a large scale, and likely would fall to an extremely well trained user of the Force.