Name: Mandalorian Berserker

Rank: Mandalorian

Tier: Middle 3

Background: The Mandalorian Beserkers were a group created by Mand'alor the Reclaimer in order to create soldiers that would brutalise the enemy of the Mand'alor and his regime. The Reclaimer had two methods for creating Berserkers. One was to take orphans or those with PTSD to a faux mental facility in Sundari, where they underwent subtle psychological torture to exacerbate their underlying issues. The other was to take the most unstable orphans from the groups that they would themselves would eliminate, thus creating an endless supply of berserkers outside of the pool that Clan Signis provided.

Speed: Middle E Combat Speed | Middle D Combat Speed when in a rage

Abilities: Highly Proficient in Mandalorian Hand-to-Hand and Improvised Sabre Combat. Proficient in Survival Skills, Wrist Shields, Weapon Instinct, Blaster Rifles, Jetpacks, Shotguns, Slugthrowers, Blaster Carbines, and Throwables. Skilled in Ground Vehicles, Camouflage, and Traps.

Perk: You Bastards!

  • When an ally of the Berserker is killed, they get a +1 increase to their Basic Hand-to-Hand for the rest of the event.

Equipment: Mandalorian Beskar Armour; Z-6 jetpack; Proficient in Flamethrower and wrist rocket launchers; 1 DP-23 Shotgun, 4 Thermal Detonators; 1 Beskar Long Sword; 1 Beskar Wrist Shield.

Weaknesses: They’re just really angry. And anger can be exploited by literally anyone, including children. Now, if the Berserker beats the child to death is another thing, but the fact is, when the Berserker falls into the rage they succumb to easily, nothing can stop them. Not even their leaders. They will sacrifice anything and everything to see the cause of their anger dead, even if it means killing allies or innocent civilians. The Berserker is a terrifying force on the battlefield, but once they get going, they are a run-away train. The only way to stop them is to kill the cause of anger, or put the Berserker down yourself.

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