Name: Keteenox Gladus

Rank: Gladiator Master

Tier: Middle 2

Background: Keteenox Gladus is a Tarc bounty hunter and the current Gladiator master. He is also the current Keddek of Hjaff. He is above average sized for a tarc, has a grey exoskeleton and yellow eyes. He was born in 68 BBY on Hjaff as heir to the throne. His mother died when he was an adult and his father decided to marry a Tarc woman, who already had one child. Keteenox' new Step brother "Bassaihx" was fuelled by a hunger for power. He poisoned his mother and his step father. He pushed Keteenox aside and became the Keddek.

Keteenox wasn't able to accept his defeat and started a revolution instead. This revolution failed and he had to leave Hjaff, which was forbidden during that time. He stole a ship of the Ivlacav Gourn, the Tarc fleet, and tried to flee. He was shot down on a near planet and crashed. The Tarc who shot him down saw the burning ship and assumed that he died and returned to Hjaff. On that planet a weakened and near to death Keteenox was captured by slavers. They sold him to the Haxion Brood, which decided to make him a gladiator. Keteenox was able to make a recovery and ready for his first fight. His first fight however was a Damnatio ad bestias, a fight with animals in which he was probably gonna die. The animal in this fight was a tyrant Rancor. This was the first moment Keteenox used the Force. He built a connection between him and the tyrant Rancor, and the Rancor decided to not attack him. When the guards came in to force Keteenox to fight, the Rancor protected him. Keteenox was declared as winner and this was the first victory of his gladiator carrier. Later he would buy that Rancor and call him Fluffy.

Keteenox found a friend in Sidon Ithano on the Nomadic. Ithano helped him to start a revolution on Hjaff, which had success. Keteenox was able to kill Bassaihx with the ancient great-axe Serto. He is currently working for the Glitch and the Bounty Hunter Guild and the Keddek of Hjaff.

Speed: High C

Abilities: Superhuman Strength and Durability. Mastery with Animal Handling and Mental Shielding. Highly Proficient with Jar’Kai, Martial Weapons, Juyo, and Custom Hand to Hand. Proficient in Blaster Rifles and Martial Weapons.

Notable Force Abilities: Highly Proficient in Deadly Sight. Proficient in Enhance Attribute, Force Slow, Force Rage and Force Speed. Begun training in Pyrokinesis and Animal Bond.

  • Balance = Neutral Fallen. Midichlorian Count = 8992.

Equipment: Great-Axe Serto; Keteenox’s Lightsabers.

Weaknesses: Hides his emotions, struggles to understand other cultures and can easily be lured into an engagement. A better fighter or force user could exploit his size against him and his lack of experience dealing with them. Has little to no training in a defensive lightsaber form, and is much weaker with the force than his peers. Though his body is able to shrug off a few blaster bolts or slugs before he is injured.