Status: Flee on Sight / Do not engage

Description: These are the top tiers of the universe. Do not bother to engage unless pressed to do so. These are the most powerful individuals in history of their respective galaxies/universes, knowing a large assortment of techniques to terrifying levels of mastery. Before you know it, they have killed you.

How to engage: Don’t. Just run.

Status: Engage with extreme caution / Engage with a numbers advantage

Description: These members are the master of their own fields, being among the most expert practitioners in history. Their power has arisen through brutal training and vicious experience. Engage at your own risk.

How to engage: Some of these users are fixed to one kind of style. Use a countering style or tactic to defeat them. Engage them with several people if possible, and for some, use their arrogance against them.

Status: Engage with caution / Unique Skills

Description: While the Tier 2 threats may not be Tier 1 level, they still have unique skills that allow them to contend with the likes of them. Unique abilities and experiences mean any one of these users could best a lower Tier 1 in combat, so do not underestimate them.

How to engage: Some of these opponents are likely to be aspiring users, hoping to prove themselves to their betters. Use this desire against them, and success will be given

Status: Moderate threat

Description: Any one of these individuals could sweep through the average standard combatant, regard them with wariness. Most of these individuals are keen to get stronger, and as such, may have unexpected tricks up their sleeves. Be sure to follow their weaknesses to the absolute, as they have not advanced enough to find a substitute to make up for their short sightings.

How to engage: Any above average force user OR a significant number of troops should do the trick. Be sure to separate them from their peers and superiors first, as they are usually students for those who are a lot more powerful

Status: Little Threat

Description: These are the juniors and beginners of the category, with no particular unique skill set or training. They are your standard combatants, or rather, combatants of average strength in the grand scheme of things. They are inexperienced, limited, or easy to deal with if one plays smart.

How to engage: A well placed blaster shot, or one Force User should do the trick. They will likely have a master or an ally nearby, so always keep on the lookout for any threats. Furthermore, most are in large numbers; so do not think you can charge into a hoard easily.

Status: 0 threat

Description: These are either regular children or citizens. A singular clone trooper or droid would likely end their existence if they tried hard enough.

How to engage: Just shoot them