The rules of RP are as follows:

Rule 1

Be Kind to Others!

This is a game, nothing more. Dying is not the end of the world, and a permanent death is mostly always the player's choice. Losing things in RP is natural, do not let it dominate your real life!

Rule 2

Be Kind To Your DM!

DMs are people too, and respect their decisions and choices. If you have a complaint about a DM, take it to @StemmedAxis06.

Rule 3


This is strictly forbidden. Metagaming is where you use knowledge you do not know in RP intentionally to get the better of players. An example would be spying. If you spy and find out that Systems Army Alpha was invading Sullust on Tuesday, then send 230 Munificents there ahead of time to fight them off, that is metagaming.

If you are found guilty of metagaming, you will be removed from RP for a week, potentially more, depending on the severity of the infraction. This will also result in @StemmedAxis06 likely DMing you or pulling you aside for a chat. Further punishments may include a character being removed from your possession, or a nerf within RP against the character you used to metagame.

Rule 4

Be Reasonable and Realistic!

While Star Wars is a large fictional universe with many possibilities that does not mean that anything goes. No giving yourself the Force, no Clones blatantly disobeying orders out of character, no ignoring your character’s weaknesses. However, if you do have an idea for your character, feel free to run it by @StemmedAxis06.

Rule 5

Do NOT Power Play!

While some may be Commanders, Corporals, Captains etc. that does not give them permission to play your character for you. Higher ups may give you orders but they may not control your actions. Ignoring orders will have their own consequences within the story, but your character is your own.

Rule 6

RP Talk Within RP Channels

It is vital you keep non-Roleplay messages out of Roleplay channels, at least those in an event. If you are in an event, please use the <#post-rp-event-discussion> and <#one-with-the-force> channels! If non-RP talk is seen in event channels, it could see you barred from the event with other consequences!

Rule 7

Have Fun

The purpose of these RP events is to bring the server together to have a fun time roleplaying what we all love, Star Wars. Be creative and have a good time!